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2nd International Green Crescent Cartoon Contest/ Turkey 2018

Dear sir/madam

Turkish Green Crescent was founded as an association in 1920 with the purpose of
fighting against tobacco, alcohol, drug and technology addiction by the implementation of protective, preventive and rehabilitation projects and works.

In order to raise the public awareness concerning fight against addiction and to encourage public reflexion about this important subject, we organized the First International Green Crescent Cartoon Contest in 2016. 150 artists from 65 countries participated with 1225 cartoons to our highly praised contest. We want to specify that we were delighted to see you among with us. Once more, with the contest, the global risk of addiction was seen through works from different countries and culture. This contest help us raising global awareness as well as watching addiction from different perspectives with your works.

We wish to see you again among us in The International Green Crescent Cartoon Contest hold for the second time with a new artwork you will portray.

You can access to the details from the following link about The Green Crescent Cartoon Contest for which application deadline is the 12 February 2018.

With The International Green Crescent Cartoon Contest, it is intended to draw attention to addictions, raise awareness and in this way to ensure that the public,

especially the young people, think about the addictions and develop reflexes through humor and cartoon which is an universal language.


Subject matter: The main theme of the contest is alcohol, drugs, tobacco and technology addictions. In the subtitles of the main theme, it will

be moved from the following points in drawn cartoons. The following word “addictions” includes alcohol, drugs, tobacco and technology addictions.

• Psychological problems caused by addictions
• Physical problems caused by addictions
• Mental problems caused by addictions
• Addictions and child relationships
• Problems that addictions can cause between parents
• Problems that addictions may cause within the family
• Addictions and family communication
•( Turning to different alternatives to avoid addictions (sports, art, hobbies
• To try different alternatives to avoid addictions
• Addictions and role model
• Excessive, uncontrolled and unconscious use of technology
• Possibility of conscious and active usage of technology

Up to 3 works can be sent, published works may be participated in, provided that they are not awarded.

SIZE A4 or A3

TECHNIQUE Black and white or color / 300 dpi

(Turkish or English (text will be used if necessary, but not visual / verbal

Big prize of contest. Also a plaque will be given as a prize: 3000$
Success prizes of contest for five cartoonists.
(Also a plaque will be given as a prize: 500 $ ( 5 people 

The artist must send his cartoons along to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
no later than February12,2018 in JPG format, maximum of 5 MB, 300 dpi in A4 or A3 format.
Green Crescent can use the cartoons participating in the race in any way he wants.
It does not create any copyright for these works.

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