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XX International Cartoon Contest 2018 Zielona Gora Poland

Deadline for recelvig works: 31-st May 2018

Subject: "Light"
Announcement and publication of the Contest: March 20178
Deadline for recelvig works: 31-st May 2018
Jury Sitting: June 2018
Announcement of the Jury decision and the opening of the post contest exhibition: September 2018

Grand Prix- PLN 5.000 and Statuette
1-st Place- PLN 4.000
2-nd Place- PLN 3.000
3-rd Place- PLN 2.000
Special Prizes
The Jury
The jury comprises of the Organizers representatives as well as artist dealingwith art in practice or as theoreticians.

Only works which have not received awards can be entered in the Competition. The jury reserves the right to determine the

final distrribution of prizes, and to change their size and number.

Both professional and amateur cartoonists are eligible to enter the contest. Unlimited number of personally made original works (format min. A5 max. A3)

in optional technique, with application card, should be sent or delivered by May 31-st 2018 to the address of the

65-077 Zielona Gôra
al. Wojska Polskiego 9
skr. pocztowa: 710
Password: CONTEST


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