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The third international cartoon festival "Kolašin /Montenegro 2018


MOUNTAINS AND SEA  / Turism of Montenegro, skiing and swimming in the same day !!!

You shall send three works wich you consider to be the best. Cartoons can previously be published or rewarded and should be creative, funny and amusing. Works have to be graphically convenient for printing on T-shirts. The participants may send a maximum of 3 works to compete. TECHNIQUE: Free All entries must be send by e-mail only.

PRIZES: FIRST PRIZE: 300 Euro, Trophy, Honorable mention and a T-shirt 

SECOND PRIZE: 200 Euro, Honorable mention and a T-shirt 

THIRD PRIZE: 100 Euro, Honorable mention and a T-shirt Three special prize –Honorable mention of the salon.

DEADLINE: 21st of JULLY 2018

The international jury will choose the cartoons.

The caricatures shall be delivered to the address:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

THE DECISION will be published on 25th of Jully 2018, on all cartoon websites.

Winners will officially be announced with the ending of Jully and the announcement will take place in the Cultural Center in Kolašin.

 Festival organizer: Municipality Kolašin

Darko Drljević

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