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Call for Artists
The second Cultural and Artistic Festival of “Nezareh” announces a call to artists for an art exhibition:


* Graphics
* Painting
* Photography
* Illustration
* Cartoon
* Calligraphy
* Sculpture - Installation Art
* Performance Art and Other Visual Arts

-Subject Matter:

There is no limitation to the subject matter or technique.
-Size of Artworks: The size limit for this exhibition is a minimum of 20x20 centimeters to a maximum of 50x70
(larger works must be approved by the jury)
Number of Artworks: Optional

Submission Requirements

- Title of the Artwork
- Type of the Artwork
- Technique
- Year of Creation
- Dimensions of the Artwork (Height x Width x Depth) in Centimeters
Digital Image of the Artwork
- File Type: J PG
- Resolution: 72 DPI
- Color Model: RGB
- Maximum Size: 2MB for each artwork
File Name:
Name and Surname–Title of the Artwork.jpg
Artist’s Phone Number and E-Mail Address

Application/ Festival Participation Fee: Free (Participation in the festival is free and open to everyone.)

Exhibition Fee: (150,000 Tomans) $15 for each artwork
(This includes the Entry Fee and the show maintenance fee.)
The Exhibition Fee is received after the artworks are approved. (If your work is selected, you will be required to pay the fee.) 
The art gallery and the festival take a %40 commission on all sales.
The artists nominated by the judges will be awarded a special badge, a certificate, and a Festival Award (statue).
Final Submission Deadline for the Artworks to be Verified by the Jury : 22 September 2018
Festival Director "Fatemeh Moghaddasi"

Request of cooperation with “Nezareh” 

juried Art Exhibition

Artists all over the world are invited to be on the jury panel.
The annual “Nezareh” Festival of Arts and Culture is calling for submission across multiple artistic disciplines for its second exhibition. 
Categories of submission are as follows:
Graphic Design, Painting, Illustration, Cartoon, Photography, Calligraphy, Sculpture, Installation Art, Performance Art, and other Visual Arts. The subjects this free.
Nezareh festival and exhibition will be held in December in Iran. It is free and open to everyone.
Artists who are interested in being a member of the jury are invited to submit their resume to the following contacts:

Evaluation of the artworks will be conducted online. For further information, please feel free to contact us.

Festival Director: Fatemeh Moghaddasi
Coordinator on jury matters: Simin Shojaei

- Email:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
- Telegram channel:
- Instagram:
- Whatsapp:

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