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Supported by Rionegro’s local administration through 25 years in tribute to Ricardo Rendón Bravo, The Festival, unique in Colombia’s history for it’s trajectory and continuity, has ennabled to see the perception of authors from more than 90 countries, protagonists of the changes and experiences of towns that through their humor contribute to humanity’s development. 
The sharp intelect and his universal language, achieve throughout cartoon, the dream and hope to erase territorial borders as ideological borders that keep us from living in harmony and inhibit us from visualize freedom as a principle of peace and coexistence. 


1) The contest is open to all of cartoon artist worldwide. 
2) The last day for participation is on Saturday, November 15th of 2018. 
3) The contest’s topics are THREE:

* LEONARDO DA VINCI. On 2019, 500 years will have passed since the death of the universal artist of all time, who enlightened with his genius the spirit of Renaissance. The Festival invites the creators around the world to draw Leonardo´s work touched by humor, in any of his multiple facets as a painter, anatomist, architect, urbnanist, paleontologist, artist, botanist, scientist, writer, sculptor, philosopher, engineer, inventor, musician and poet. 


FREE THEME. It’s possible to participate in any different theme.

4)   Every contestant can send for the contest three cartoons per theme maximum.
5)   It’s possible to participate with black and white or colored cartoons.
6)   The sent cartoons should have maximum dimensions of 30 x 40 cms. 
7)   It’s possible to participate in the contest with previously sent or published cartoons. All of the presented work must be originals (handmade), no prints, photos or copies accepted. The shipping will be contestans duty.
8)   Contestans must send a brief currículum vitae and a picture along with their work.
9)  Every cartoon should have at it’s reverse: name, last name, adress, phone number, e-mail, and country.
10) Selected cartoon artists will recieve a virtual catalog.
11) The jury will be compossed by national and international cartoon artists. 
12) Results will be announced on December of 2018.
13) The presented cartoons won’t be returned, they’ll be part of the collection of the future Rionegro’s Cartoon Museum in agreement with Cartoonrendon agent.
14) Filling out the application of participation and sending it involves that the contestants give their authorization to Rionegro’s town hall and Cartoonrendon to publish their work on any printed or digital media with all rights, including the transfer of these rights to thirds without any limit of time, place and number of publications. Besides, Rionegro’s town hall and/or Cartoonrendon will have the right to show, file and publish the works in other media not mentioned here. By sending the applicattion these conditions are considered as accepted.
15) The organization reserves the right to exhibit works considered to attempt against individual or colective rights.

The participation supposes the full acceptance of terms and conditions. 

AWARDS: They are subject to taxes according to tax regulations. And they will be paid to the TRM.

1)   Great Award RENDÓN LEONARDO DA VINCI – 2.000 US Dollars.
2)   Cartoon Award LEONARDO DA VINCI – 1.000  US Dollars
3)   Free theme Award  – 500 US Dollars.
4)   Mentions 

The Festival will be accomplished at the MAR – Rionegro’s Art Museum, Santiago de Arma of Rionegro city and four more headquarters between January 21st and 25th of 2019. Between November 21st and 25th of 2018 the academic activities will be developed. 
The award ceremony will be on November 24th (Saturday) at 19:00 hrs.

Work must be sent to:

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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