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Dear Cartoonist, dear Friend,

In the last ten years, about 100 have disappeared. Therefore, the UN declares 2019 as the year of the indigenous languages.
This invitation range is wider: to put the finger in the languages-world relationship.
Which world and which languages? What worlds do we speak about and which languages? What languages do we connect to?
What are their supremacy between them? Who dominates who by the language? 
The language as an instrument of subjugation?

Dead languages and living languages. 
Towers of babel? What languages does the world need? What values do they pass on? 
What values are lost and gain by them?
Language as a right and as a heritage?
The language as a disagreement or as a meeting point? Does the 'language of humor' cross all languages? 
Are there many worlds in the languages of humor?
In the intelligence and in your art is surely the answer.
Every year  languages disappear.
Cartoonists can submit works for the MAIN THEME and for the FREE CATEGORY, as in the previous editions.
Following to the line started in 2013, with the introduction of the Caricature
Special Award on PortoCartoon, we have chosen for 2019 Fernão de Magalhães
and Bob Dylan.
FERNÃO DE MAGALHÃES (c. 1480-1521)
An important figure of the history of the discoveries, Fernão de Magalhães (aka
Ferdinand Magellan) made in 1519 the first voyage of circum-navigation. He
connected the world people thought was fragmented, linear and not round. He
was the author of the first globalization
The 500 years of this odyssey that begun in Sevilla (Spain), are celebrated in
different parts of the World, from 2019 to 2022.
This Portuguese, from the north of Portugal, made the voyage to the service of
the Spanish king Carlos V.
The ‘Magalhães Route’ links many cities and towns.
The humor of caricature can reinforce this dimension of the world unity, at this
time of dangerous threats.
BOB DYLAN (1941 - )
Winner of the Literature Nobel Prize for in 2016, Bob Dylan became the first
musician to win such an award. The award astonished the world, but the
Swedish Academy’s reason was clear: Dylan created “new ways of poetic
expression within the framework of the American music tradition.”
Dylan is a permanent re-inventor of the word-music connection. He has
reinvented himself for more than 56 years, passing on to the music the rhymes
of his “pictorial way of thinking”.
With iconic songs for different generations, Dylan avoided the spotlight of being
awarded with the Nobel Prize.
In the lyrics of many songs, there is not only poetry, but humor as well.

Artists who don’t wish to compete can send us their works EXTRA-
-COMPETITION, informing of their decision.
- Cartoons must be original. We accept any kind of graphical techniques,
including digital artwork sent by e-mail, as long as the drawings are SIGNED
BY THE AUTHOR, are identified as PRINT NUMBER ONE and as an original
for this contest.
The artworks cannot exceed the following measurements:
- IN PAPER, 42 x 30 cm (DIN A3); - SCULPTURE PIECES, 42 x 30 x 30 cm

The works should be sent to: 
PortoCartoon-World Festival, The Portuguese Printing Press Museum, Estrada Nacional 108, nº 206 4300-316 PORTO, Portugal.
Or to the e-mail address:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The participation in PortoCartoon automatically implies that the author waives copyrights of his works in any kind of platform,
concerning the production and diffusion of the festival

The AWARDS, including a TROPHY and a DIPLOMA, will be the following:
Grand Prize PORTOCARTOON4000 Euro
(half in money and half in Port wine),
travel and stay costs for the Awards Ceremony in Portugal
2nd Prize PORTOCARTOON1250 Euro
(half in money and half in Port wine),
travel and stay costs for the Awards Ceremony in Portugal
3rd Prize PORTOCARTOON750 Euro
(half in money and half in Port wine),
travel and stay costs for the Awards Ceremony in Portugal
Special Award for CARICATURE 1st Prize 500 Euro
(half in money and half in Port wine)
Special Award for CARICATURE 2nd Prize 200 Euro
(half in money and half in Port wine)
Special Award for CARICATURE 3rd Prize 100 Euro
(half in money and half in Port wine)
Honorable Mentions 50 Euro

The awarded works will become property of the PORTUGUESE PRINTING PRESS
The others will be returned to the artists, if formally requested with the entry form, after

the exhibitions (during PortoCartoon and others in different cities and countries).

We would like to receive your most appreciated participation until: 31 January 2019
To participate is to speak the language of everybody.
Cartoonists can submit works for the MAIN THEME and for the FREE CATEGORY, as in the previous editions.

Greetings, with universal humor,
Luiz Humberto Marcos

The Portuguese Printing Press Museum
Estrada Nacional 108, nº 206
4300-316 Porto, Portugal
Tlf: (+351) 222 031 159

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