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XX. Annual Biennial Cartoon Competition 2018 Slovakia

Topic: "Humor is Life".

Deadline: 15.07.2019
Competition Rules: 
1. Each author can send at maximum five original works, including graphic techniques. 
2. The competition is open to everyone. It is not restricted in terms of artistic design methods. 
3. The format of the works should not exceed the size A3. 
4. The competition is non­anonymous. Each work should be signed on the back and bear the author's full address. 
5. Submitted works will be not returned to the author and will become the property of the MsKS Nove Mesto nad Vahom. 
6. Works should be sent to:

Mestske Kulturne Stredisko, 
Hviezdoslavova 4, 
915 01 Nove Mesto nad Vahom, 

Friday the 13th September 2019 will be held in Nove Mesto nad Váhom an exhibition of the best competing works,

a festive announcement of the results and the handling of prizes to the most successful authors of

the 20th competition in accordance with the Jury's decision will take place as follows:

1st Prize: Gold Novomestsky Osten and 300 € 
2nd Prize: Silver Novomestsky Osten and 200 € 
3rd Prize: Bronze Novomestsky Osten and 100 €

The Competition Jury reserves the right not to grant any of the prizes or to grant other special prizes.
The organizers of the competition reserve the right to publish selected works in promotional materials.
Selected competitor will receive a catalog.

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