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Competition AT HOME OF CARAGIALE /2015

competition AT HOME OF CARAGIALE. The contest have two sections:
1. Portraits of Ion Luca Caragiale.
2. The illustrations of Caragiale books or CARICATURES inspired by his books. Number of drawings, dimension drawings, technique: at authors choice. 3 prizes will be awarded consisting of one album "CARAGIALE - PLANETARY TRIBUTE" album with 3 volumes each containing the works of over 1,000 artists from 141 countries, the most important caricatures album published in Romania.
Also 10 mentions consisting of 10 caricatures albums published in the cultural project GREAT ROMANIAN PERSONALITIES. The artworks must be received to the organizers until March 1, 2015. It will organize an exhibition and if it will be opportunities will travel to various cities. Questions and information related to this topic can be sent ionita_ploiesti@yahoo.r



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