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International Cartoon Contest « Bulls Yes, bullfighters No »/Mexico 2015

The International Cartoon Contest «Bulls Yes, bullfighters No»

(1), edition 2014 invites artists and cartoonists to express their views through the following proposal, each participant will address and develop in their carton (s) in a critical and satirical way around characters that are explained below: rogues, and beggars.~ The rogues * are «people of the bull»: the public and the bullfighting fans.
It is about the selfish and cruel characters, without scruple or restraint, that in their free time go to a coliseum where they pay money to watch a sacrificial ritual

(2). This ritual consists of a bunch of executioners disguised as puppets, there they harass, injure and stab a designated victim, an isolated and trapped individual in a deadly siege, to see him collapse and drag pitifully vomiting his lungs through the nose and mouth on the sand.
Once fallen, left quadriplegic the bull is stabbed in the neck but still conscious

(3), and then the animal is mutilated to extract from him macabre "trophies" (the ear (s) and the tail), the dying victim is dragged relentlessly by the head to an area where he will be butchered. The bull will soon be replaced by another victim, another new "toy" that will suffer the same cruelties and torments for enjoyment, pleasure and revelry of the crowd of delirious sadists

(4) and often drunken, perverted bunch

(5) who perpetuate these heinous practices through systematic recruitment, indoctrination, and the corruption of innocent children

(6).~ The beggars are «the bullfighter mafia»: entrepreneurs and farmers.
They are the traffickers of lives and traders of Souls

(7) powerful and influential who profit from the suffering, agony and death of defenseless and completely innocent: bulls and horses at their mercy.
Not content with this, mercilessly exploit the vulnerable laborers

(8), at the same time they promote and enliven the ethical annihilation, the moral degradation, social degeneration, domestic and gender violence

(9), and the corruption of the social and political classes .
To run these inconceivable abuses in the context of a society which, in its vast majority, openly repudiates these depraved activities

(10) and criminal

(11), they resort to means of paid media communication. They use corrupt politicians and duped altruistic associations, through which state funds are seek to obtain subsidies from public funds, enabling them to finance the events in question and get juicy personal gain.The general discredit, increasing popular resistance and the gradual awareness of the population, make that this disgusting business be more repudiated each day. And it is for this that the shameless beggars roam miserably from door to door, begging from a council to another, imploring in the municipalities for the money of the people and the communities whose coffers are being plundered

(12).~ Considering the characteristics of the above mentioned characters and their sordid activities, it is clear that they deserve the most careful and urgent attention by professional medical, political, legal and prison authorities, both for the welfare of the persons concerned to ensure the safety of people orbiting around them. All in the name and care of a society that should be compassionate to its lagging elements, but also fair for the population at large, and whose protection, security, and health, our authorities have a duty to ensure
a) Contestants may get the support, to perform their work in the book values ​​ « Toros Sí, toreros No » of author Eduardo del Río (Rius), as well as the information available on the official site of the event on Facebook, and of the participant NGOs **, where images and documentation about the anti-bullfighting Movement and news on the topic is regularly published.


b) Contestants will receive an e-mail confirming the receipt of their work; if in 48 hours there is no confirmation, we will appreciate it contacting us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

c) The Contest is open to all artists and amateur cartoonists, students, professionals and the public at large around the world as long as they are 18 years old as of October 4, 2014.

d) Each contestant can participate with as many cartoons as they want that have not been awarded in other contests. For each participating cartoon, a registration will have to be filled out separately.

e) Cartons must be owned by the contestant, free from copy rights and responsibilities to third parties: companies, institutions, publishers, contests, etc. In case of any legal situation arise, the participant is solely responsible.

f) We will not receive originals or copies of the work physically, but only images in digital form, so the organizers will not return, deliver or have the responsibility of the original images that are competing. Furthermore, the author gives the rights of his/her work for publication by any means available.

g) All work identified as plagiarism will be ruled out of the contest.

h) The winners will be notified via e-mail during the first two weeks of June 2015. In order to receive the prizes, the contestant, will have to show an official ID.

i) This invitation is open from Saturday October 4, 2014 to Thursday April 30, 2015.


The technique is free, using one of the various drawing materials such as ink, watercolor, printmaking, oil or acrylic painting, etc., on any support material, such as paper, cardboard, or canvas for drawing or traditional images created from vectors, to be scanned and sent via the form below. Photographs must not be manipulated or retouched or modified of any existing designs, only cartoons made specifically for this contest will be accepted. DEADLINE Thursday, April 30, 2015 at 12:00 PM according to the registration.


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