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21st International Festival of Caricature
"Ricardo Rendon" 2014 COLOMBIA RICARDO Rendon It more prominent Colombian caricaturist born in Rionegro - Antioquia (1894 - 1931), llamado "El Emperador" de la Caricature.
One of them more insightful and thin Hispanic comedians it siglo XX, in su work fue el humor satire, characterized especially by the political cartoon.
Sus cartoons were true radiographs hechos them and them to individuals. Fue pioneer of the display advertising in Colombia. International Festival of Caricature "Ricardo Rendon" Apoyado by the Municipal Administration of Rionegro during veinte consecutive years in Homenaje a Ricardo Rendón Bravo.
It Festival, unique in the history of the country it su trajectory and continuity; will look allowed her perception of authors of more than 90 countries, the protagonists of the changes and experiences of them with him Pueblos humor provide al mismo Growth of Humanity.
He Thinking smiling and su universal language, with the cartoon we get it sueño y el universal yearning to erase borders both territorial and ideológicas that prevent us to live in harmony and visualize the light of the principle libertad as peace and coexistence. Conditions: It is Opened to Competition All cartoonists del mundo.
It last day for the share of the contest es el Viernes 30 de Septiembre 2014.
It Theme contest it are: Gabriel Garcia Marquez "Gabo": Colombian writer, Nobel Prize for Literature.
Each participant can sign him introduce competition a maximum of three cartoons.
If you can sign participate with cartoons in black and white or in color.
Solo should join by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Las cartoons submitted must tener una minimum resolution of 300 dpi JPG format.
También they can sign him to participate in the contest with ya hayan cartoons that have been published previously awarded, all of them must be submitted cartoons originales.
Los participants must submit a brief curriculum vitae and photograph one junto with sus works.
Los Cartoonists selected will receive a catalog.
It will Jurado compuesto by Colombian cartoonists and extranjeros.
The results will be announced in the month of it Noviembre 2014.
Las cartoons submitted it in the contest will be devueltas.
Grand Prix al mejor trabajo: $ 2,000,000 of the millions of pesos.
IDEA award a la mejor Artists Antiochian $ 1,000,000 One million pesos.
He winner will be announced in the Opening Ceremonies him 21st International Festival of Cartoon
he day Friday 3 October en el Centro Cultural del municipality.
The organization reserves it derecho aquellas to exhibit works that attempt can sign enti
derechos individual against the collective.
Participation in the contest he supposes the full acceptance and without reservations of this condition. 21 ° International Festival of Cartoon CARTOONRENDON
Fernando Pica / Cultural Center CLL 48 # 50-36, Rionegro, Antioquia COLOMBIATel: 5204060 Ext.2317




Luc Descheemaeker
0 # Luc Descheemaeker 2014-11-24 09:05
I'm still waiting for my first prize (2000 US Dollars) of the 20°RENDON Internacional Cartoon. I hope they will finally do the job correctly.

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