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Naji Al Ali Award Rules and Regulations 2017/Palestine

Artists can participate in drawings about different subjects such as freedom, occupation resistance, right of return, resisting Israeli Aggression and siege, the right of people to resist occupation, enhancing solidity culture, Anti-systemic terrorism that states apply, Anti- west and American support for Israeli Occupying state, The suffering of the Palestinian people under occupation, the suffering of Palestinian people in asylum's countries, the suffering of Palestinian prisoners in occupying prisons, the segregation that Palestinian people suffer under Israeli state, Israel as a religious state….. etc

Participations size A3 or A4

Participations can be either manual or digital drawings

Participants can participate with maximum five drawings

The work shall be for one artist only, mutual works are not accepted

Participants can participate in a previous published drawings or non published drawings

Participations must not be previously awarded

The winner is allowed to participate another time in after a period minimum of three sessions/years

The institute has a right to use the drawings for non- commercial purposes

The deadline for sending participations is due 2017/4/15

Participations must be sent toThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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