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Ref: 22nd International Biennial of Humour and Satire in the Arts – Gabrovo 2015

On 16th May, 2015 the Museum HOUSE OF HUMOUR AND SATIRE will open the 22nd International Biennial of Humour and Satire in the Art (IBHSA). We are honoured and pleased to invite the members of your FECO organization and you personally to enter for CARTOONS category of the Biennial.

The Biennial is an international competition for contemporary humorous and satirical works and has six categories: cartoons, graphics & drawings, paintings, sculpture, photographs and posters. The entry is free of charge. The theme for all categories is FREE of choice, however, interpreted by the means of the comic. This year’s special theme for CARTOONS category is THE PROTESTER (in the family, at the university, in society, etc.). The organizers have ensured additional prizes that will go to the best cartoons on socially significant issues like the fight against tobacco consumption, alcohol abuse and protection of nature.

The deadline for receiving entries is 1st, March, 2015. Works submitted without a filled-in entry-form will not be considered by the international jury.

We kindly request you to help us spread the conditions of entry and the entry-form hereby attached and, if possible, to publish them on your website. They can be found in English, French, German and Russian and downloaded from

Thank you for your responsiveness and cooperation! We look forward to receiving your imaginative humorous and satirical works.


Tatyana Tsankova


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