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Participants' list of Molla Nasreddin /Azerbaijan 2018

11:02.....2019/01/16 participants-list-of-molla-nasreddin-azerbaijan-2019

Javad Alizadeh 's Book unveiling Ceremony

14:44.....2019/01/15 javad-alizadeh-s-book-unveiling-ceremony

The Fifth of Hilden Cartoon Biennale/ Germany 2019

11:03.....2019/01/15 the-fifth-of-hilden-cartoon-biennale-germany-2020

The 24th Gabrovo Biennial of Humour and Satire in Art / Bulgaria 2019

15:58.....2019/01/13 the-24th-gabrovo-biennial-of-humour-and-satire-in-art-bulgaria-2019

The Book of VI BIENNIAL of HUMOUR "LUIZ D'OLIVEIRA GUIMARAES" – ESPINHAL - PENELA / Portugal 2018 Received to Tabriz Cartoon Musem

14:49.....2019/01/13 the-book-of-vi-biennial-of-humour-luiz-d-oliveira-guimaraes-–-espinhal-penela-portugal-2018-received-to-tabriz-cartoon-musem