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According to the New Year's public holiday in Iran , we are unable to update the site from 4th March to 26th March 
we apologize for misapprehension in advance and wishing a happy New Year for our valued customers

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Results Bir Kitap Bin Dost 1st International Cartoon Exhibition and Competition / Turkey 2018

19:38.....2018/04/25 results-bir-kitap-bin-dost-1st-international-cartoon-exhibition-and-competition-turkey-2018

Results of 2nd International Wise City Kocaeli Cartoon Contest-2017/Turkey

13:53.....2018/04/25 results-of-2nd-international-wise-city-kocaeli-cartoon-contest-2017-turkey

Results of Amasya Municipality the 9th International Cartoon Drawing Contest 2018 Amasya, Turkey

13:41.....2018/04/25 results-of-amasya-municipality-the-9th-international-cartoon-drawing-contest-2018-amasya,-turkey

Bayram Hajizadeh selected as the Honorary Member of  the Russian Academy of Arts.

13:26.....2018/04/25 bayram-hajizadeh-selected-as-the-honorary-member-of -the-russian-academy-of-arts

The list of participants the IX “Molla Nasreddin”- Azerbaijan 2018” International Cartoon ContestCartoon Contest

13:02.....2018/04/25 the-list-of-participants-the-ix-“molla-nasreddin”-azerbaijan-2018”-international-cartoon-contestcartoon-contest