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Winners Of International BURSA Cartoon Contest/Turkey,2021
International cartoon competition concluded
24 FEBRUARY 2022
International cartoon competition concluded
BURSA – The winners of the International Cartoon Contest organized by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, which adds value to social life in Bursa with cultural and artistic activities, have been determined.
The competition, organized by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality in cooperation with the Anatolian Cartoonists Association, was held under two separate topics: "Let's use water, our source of life, carefully" and "Cemal Nadir Güler Portrait Cartoon". A total of 776 cartoonists, 620 adults and 156 young people, from 64 different countries participated in the competition with 1736 cartoons. Pre-Selection Committee of the Contest; As a result of a meticulous study, he determined the works that were eliminated and remained in the final selection. According to the results of the pre-evaluation: 126 works from Adults' Water-Themed Cartoons, 100 from Adults' Cemal Nadir Güler Portrait Cartoons, 64 from Youth's Water-Themed Cartoons, and 36 from Youth's Cemal Nadir Güler's Portrait Cartoons passed the pre-selection and made it to the finals. The 126 finalist nominees in the Adult Category have been advertised for one week of appeals. 8 of the 10 objection applications received between these dates were accepted unanimously. After the objection processes, 118 works were officially evaluated for the final, and the final jury determined the works that were entitled to receive the award after the final scoring carried out in two stages.
The winning works in the competition are as follows:
"Let's Use Water Carefully, Our Source of Life"
First Prize: Michel Moro Gomez – Cuba
Second Prize: Ba Bılig – China
Third Prize: Nahid Zamani – Iran
Honorable Mention: Marcin Bondarowicz – Poland
Honorable Mention: Oleg Dergachov – France
Honorable Mention: Konstantin Kazanchev – Ukraine
“Portrait Caricatures of Cemal Nadir Güler”
First Prize: Omar Alberto Figueroa TURCIOS - Spain
Second Prize: Erkin ERGİN – Turkey
Third Prize: Walter TOSCANO – Peru
Honorable Mention: Marco D'AGOSTINO - Italy
Honorable Mention: Ivalio TSVETKOV – Bulgaria
Honorable Mention: Payam VAFATABAR – Iran
"Let's Use Water Carefully, Our Source of Life"
Didar Askin AYRANCIOGLU – Turkey
Deniz Nur AKTAŞ – Turkey
Selen Gökcen ÖZMEN – Turkey
Helia PANAH – Iran
Ognjan STOJANOVIC – Serbia
Zeynep Nur ÖZDEMİRBAŞ – Turkey
Mete İLHANLER – Turkey
Furkan AYTUR – Turkey
Kezban RAVZAMADEN – Turkey
Erencan ZENGIN – Turkey
“Portrait Caricatures of Cemal Nadir Güler”
Amir Hossein VALINIA – Iran
Serdar KAYA – Turkey
Gokalp ÇINAR – Turkey
Mete İLHANLER – Turkey
Elif Nisa ERDEM – Turkey
Liva SARIOGLU – Turkey
Canan Ezgi AYAN – Turkey
Sirma Naz YILDIRIM – Turkey
Doruk DELİCE – Turkey
Zeynep NORMAN – Turkey
Iskender Recep BELBAG – Turkey


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