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The results of The 11th International Cartoon Contest SYRIA 2015

T h e m e 
The Victory
Caricature section

w  i  n  n  e  r  s

In spite of  the bad  circumstances that Syria is going through ...
but the large number of participations  stressed the importance of Syria International Gallery of Caricature .. 2015
300 artist  from 71 countries participated  under the big and important title
“The victory ..”
IT’s an invitation to bring back love and peace  to Syria and all the countries of the world and renouncing  Zionist U.S. intervention in our region.
My love to everyone who participated and to each whose time doesn’t helping him at that time ..

w  i  n  n  e  r  s

first Prize:Arash foroughi/Iran
third Prize : Walter Alvarez Toscano-PERU

S p e c i a l     P r i z e:

Emad Salehi-IRAN
J.Bosco Jacó de Azevedo-Brazil
Mohammadreza Abbaspour -IRAN
Ulisses José de Araujo-Brazil
Yusef Alimohamadi-Iran

c a r t o o n

first Prize: Mihai Ignat-Romania
Second Prize: Jitet Kustana- Indonesia
third Prize : Mohammad Saleh Razmhosseini- Iran

S p e c i a l     P r i z e:

Afri diyansyah-Indonesia
Ciosu Constantin-Romaina
Milenko Kosanoviic- Serbia
Paolo Dalponte-ITALY
samer alshmarei-YEMEN

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