The constest is open to all cartoonistis, illustrators end graphic artists from all over the world.

It is possible to partecipate also out of the competition.
This request excludes the autors from the award of the prizes.
The theme of the constest is:
Autohorscan participate with a maximum of 3 works (Cartoons or Strips), inherent to the theme  proposed  in  relation  to  man,  his  existence

  and  the  society  where  he  lives,  scen  in  a humorous viewpoint. In order to be understood worldwide and beyond every linguistic barrier, the works must be without dialogue or texts.Works  must  be  inedited  (that  is,  neither  published  before  nor  used  to  partcipate  in  other competitions).
The organization can decide to exclude from the award of the prices those works that are found tohave been already edited
.2.Shipping of the works and deadline
sWorks and entry form can be sent both by email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Otherwise, they can be sent through the following services by 31/03/2020:
WeTranfer (
Dropbox (
Google Drive (
Mall: UMORISTI   A   MAROSTICA|   Biblioteca   Civica –Via   Cairoli  
The  works, in black/white or color made  with any technique, must be  in GIF,  JPG,  PNG or PDF,  150  dpi  resolution,  saved

  in  high quality,  weight  max,  3  MB.  Larger  files  will  not be accepted.
The acceptance of the works, the selection, and the assignign of the prizes are completely un to  the  nominated  by  the  “Gruppo  Grafico  Marosticense”.
The  Jury’s  decisions   are inquestionable and inconstestable.
3.Delivery of the Original Works and the Award of the Prices
The  authors selected by the  jury receive an email with the informations about the deadlines and the modality to send the original works.

If the work is realized exclisively with a digital technique, the author will jave to send a dated, numbered and signed copy of the work.
The Jury will award the “International Grand Prix Scacchiera”, the Special prize “Sandro Carlesso”, the special prize “Marco Sartore” and 10 Special prizes “Umoristi a Marostica”. Other special prizes or onorary mentions may be awarded.The results of the Jury will be given directly to all partecipating artists by email and published on the web site
4.Opening Ceremony, Awarding and Acceptance of the Regulation
The opening ceremony and the prize distribution will take place on May, 16 2020 at Castello Inferioreof Marostica.

The exhibition will be open until June, 14 2020.
All the authors selected will receive a free copy of catalogue. Non-selected participants will have the possibility to demand the catalogue compiling the form on the web site
The works selected for the exhibition and for the catalogue will not be returned and will be included in the collection of “Umoristi a Marostica Museum”.
The “Gruppo Grafico Marosticense” reserve the right to authorize the reproduction of the works and the diffusion of them through various communication means citing the author with the words “Taken from Umoristi a Marostica”, without any payment.
The “Gruppo Grafico Marosticense” is not responsable for transport damages.
The partecipation in the competition implies full acceptance of these regulations and espressly authorise the Graphic Marosticense Group to process the personal data transmitted pursuant to the code regarding the protection of personal date (GDPR 2016/679/UE) also for the purpose of inclusion in the Group's managed data bases for the conduct of the competition.Deadlines Umoristi a Marostica 2020
Theme: KINDNESSWorks and entry form:
March, 31 2020
Opening ceremony: May, 16 2020Exhibition:
May, 16 2020 –June, 14 2020Sito web:
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




To be attached to each work submitted to the competition

First Name
Last Name
I wish to partecipate but not to be judged in the competitionI hereby declare that the attached file represents the original work.I  declare  that  I  have  read  and  fully  accept  the  Rules  of  the  49th "Umoristi in Marostica" Internazionale competition and to authorise the  Gruppo  Grafico  Marosticenseto  pro  essere  personal  data (GDPR  2016/679/UE),  also  for  the  purpose  of  inclusion  in  the Group's managed databases for the conduct of the competition.

Date ........................