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International festival of satire and humor-“MARUL DE AUR” BISTRITA"- Romania

Regulations of the XXXVII edition

The organizers of the current edition of the festival are: Unions’ House of Culture Bistrita, with the support of the City Hall Bistrita (local council), The Palace of Culture Bistrita, The National Association of Trade Union Culture Houses in Romania, The Union of Romanian Epigrammers, Bistrita Fruit Resort and The Humorist Association from Bistrita.
The International Festival of Satire and Humor "Marul de Aur" takes place on April 13th 2021 and includes the following sections of the contest:

I.    Satirical graphics section:
The XXXVII International Competition of Satirical Graphics "Marul de Aur" Bistrita 2021 is addressed to all cartoonists around the world.
The competition is structured in two subsections:
1.    Subsection Humorous drawing with the theme: Football.
2.    Cartoon subsection with the theme: Maradona.
A maximum of 5 papers can be sent to the topic.
The drawings will be accompanied by a CV, in Romanian or English, which will contain: name and surname, address, contact telephone numbers, email, country of origin, copy of identity card / passport.

The works can be sent in original form by mail to:
Unions’ House of Culture Bistrita, Alexandru Odobescu Street, No. 3, postal code 420043, Bistrita,
or by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., phone/fax: 0040 263 233 345 or 0040 745 970 250
or by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (Lucian Dobarta – 0745 593 442).

The deadline for submitting works is: April 1st 2021.
The works selected for the awards will be included in the Satirical Graphics Salon "Marul de Aur" 2020.
The works entered in the competition will be evaluated by a jury composed of outstanding personalities of the field.
•    The prizes of this section are worth 8,000 lei.


The prizes of the two sections of the competition consist of money, diplomas and trophies.
The right to award and rank the prizes on the competition sections, as well as their redistribution, belongs exclusively to the jury.

The works sent for the contest are not returned to the competitors, they remain in the festival archive.
Not allowed in the contest, in any of the sections, vulgarities, works or texts with obscene or pornographic character.
After jury ranking, the winners of the satirical graphics and literary creation contests will be announced by phone, in due time, and the prizes will be sent by post.

All correspondence regarding the festival will be sent to:
Unions’ House of Culture Bistrita
Alexandru Odobescu Street, No. 3, postal code 420043, Bistrita, Romania
Additional information can be obtained at:
Phone/Fax: 0040 263 233 345, 0040 745 970 250
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I, undersigned Scridon Corina Iulia, a translator according to Order of the Minister of Justice no. 27097 do solemnly swear the above to be a full and correct translation of the original document in the English language.

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