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Any person over 18 years and any nationality who wants, may participate in the contest. Each participant may submit to either categories, but only one work in each: Caricature and / or humorous vignette.

There are excluded to participate at this contest: the staff of the Casa-Museo Tomas Morales, as well as members of the Canarian Association of Graphic Comedians and Cartoonists "Se nos fue el baifo”.


The theme of the works will focus directly or indirectly on the figure, life and / or the work of the canarypoet Tomás Morales (1884-1921), some references are offered at the end of this document in case they are necessary.


The works submitted must be self-created and unpublished, may be in traditional or digital caricature, vignette or comic strip and not having been awarded in another contest or pending judgment in similarcompetitions.

The presentation will be in digital format and will be sent in TIFF / JPG format at 300dpi and 100% of the original size. It can be colored or black and white, the size will be 21 x 29.5 centimeters. (A4) and can be presented in landscape or portrait format.


The text of the works must be written in Spanish, humorous works without words are also allowed.


The deadline for delivery of works will be at 23.59 PM (Canarian time, meridian 0) of the August 15, 2021, coinciding with the centenary of the poet. (The centennial commission reserves the right to change the term if necessary).

The works in digital format (as indicated) will be sent by email to:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., in a single file for each work.

In all cases, the works must be accompanied by the registration form (attached at the end of this document) where the details of the participants are reflected, such as: name and surname, telephone number, year and place of birth, postal address and email address and the other information that appears in form.


Two categories are established, the following awards and prize money:
a) Traditional caricature.
1st Prize: 1.000 euros. 2st Prize: 500 euros.
b) Humorous vignette
1st Prize: 1.000 euros. 2st Prize: 500 euros.

A special prize of the jury (caricature or cartoon) "Se nos fue el baifo" 500 euros is established.
The amounts of the prizes are subject to withholding taxes and legal that apply to them.
The winners must provide the number of a bank account and its corresponding IBAN in which the payment of each of the prizes regulated in these bases will be made.
The winners must send the original of the signed work (in addition to the handwritten back signature) to the following postal address. In the case of digital winning work, you must send copies printed and signed by hand:

Premio de Humor Gráfico de Tomás Morales
Casa Museo Tomás Morales Plaza de Tomás Morales s/n 35420 – Villa de Moya
Islas Canarias
España (Spain)


The jury reserves the right to declare any of the prizes absence, from their point of view, if there are no works of sufficient quality.
The Jury's decision will be made within 45 days after the deadline for submission of the papers and its verdict will be communicated to all participants and published on the web pages of the organizing institutions and entities, as well as in different media. and RRSS. Such as
(The centennial commission reserves the right to change the term if necessary).


All cartoons and humorous vignettes submitted to the contest will become part of the Tomás Morales House- Museum collection.
The jury will choose the 100 cartoons to be exhibited, and published in the Catalog of the Prize. The catalog will be sent to cartoonists whose works have been selected for exhibition and included in it.

100 works will be selected for exhibition, (50 cartoons and 50 vignettes if possible). Of these 15 finalists will form, and which will be given printed catalog.
The rest of the selected and the general public will be able to access the catalog and download it digitally from the museum's website or by request through Email to the contest email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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