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The DMV Math Cartoon Prize 2022/Germany
A competition on the topic: Mathemathics in Cartoons
On the occasion of the „International Day of Mathematics 2022“,
the German Mathematical Society / DMV (Deutsche Mathematiker- Vereinigung)
publishes the call for its cartoon prizes 2022 in mathematics. 
The DMV with its partners and are looking
for the funniest and most sophisticated cartoons on the subject of mathematics. 
All artists are invited to upload their math cartoons on
until August 31, 2022. 
Up to 100 of the best entries will be collected for a virtual exhibition to
be displayed globally and in local presentations throughout the year 2022. 
All submitted cartoons will be evaluated by a jury
(representatives of mathematics, media and arts) to honor three outstanding artworks
with the "DMV Math Cartoon Prize 2022". 
The award ceremony will take place in September 2022 during the DMV
annual meeting in Berlin. 
The DMV Math Cartoon Prize 2022 is awarded with: 
1. Prize: EUR 1000 
2. Prize: EUR 500 
3. Prize: EUR 250 
and 5 mentions of honor. 
1.) Starting date for submitting your cartoons: March 14, 2022 
2.) Important: For participating in the competition, each cartoon must be
uploaded on (artworks sent by e-mail or by other forms of submission can not be considered)! 
3.) Also required: While uploading it, each cartoon entering the contest has to be tagged with math2022 
4.) If possible: Please upload high-resolution cartoons for the competition. 
5.) The number of entries is limited to 5 cartoons for each participant. 
6.) Deadline for your submissions: August 31, 2022 (24:00 h CET). 
7.) Any legal recourse to the competition is excluded. 
14.03.2022: Start of the DMV Math Cartoon Competition 2022 
02.05.2022: A first virtual exhibition is presenting cartoons submitted
up to that point (will be successively expanded). You will be
informed of your participation in the exhibition. 
31.08.2022: Deadline - the submission period ends at 24:00 h CET 
05.09.2022: Jury meeting – in order to generate the final prize decisions
(followed by a personal information to the winners) 
07.09.2022: The winners of the DMV Math Cartoon Prize 2022 will be announced in
a press release and press conference organized by the DMV, and 
07.09.2022: Start of the final virtual exhibition highlighting the winner's artworks 
12.09.2022: Award Ceremony 
Peace & smiles, 


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