International Art And Architecture Exhibition "Metamorfosart #4" /Indonesia,2022
After successfully holding the international art and architecture exhibition "Metamorfosart #3" last year in 2021, which was attended by 200 artists from 31 countries, the Islamic Art and Architecture Study Program of UIN Walisongo Semarang will again hold a similar event in collaboration with artists and the art community.  We are very diverse and appreciate your participation in the exhibition.
This year's Metamorfosart raises the theme of spirituality, moderation and peace.
The choice of theme is aligned with the current world cultural situation which is still plagued by conflict, hostility, violence, and the threat of economic recession and nuclear war.
The theme will become the center of the field of interpretation, spirit, and inspiration for artists in the creative process of creating works of art.
This year's Metamorfosart #4 was held by the Islamic Art and Architecture Study Program by involving artists and art communities from Semarang, Solo, and Yogyakarta who have been active in the arts.
The togetherness of local artists and art communities in this international exhibition held by the UIN Walisongo Campus shows a positive synergy between the campus world and the arts community which seems to be a trend in the practice of contemporary art that is increasingly diverse and rich.
Starting from the Metamorfosart #4 series, which was launched on Sunday, April 10, 2022, in the form of an activity to draw an architectural sketch of the magnificent UIN Walisongo Rectorate building.  This event will be followed up with a similar event, namely nyeket with several objects of worship in the city of Semarang which will be facilitated by the Mayor of Semarang on May 14, 2022.
The works of these artists will also be displayed in an international exhibition at the end of May at the Nusantara Gallery – FUHUM  UIN Walisongo.
We invite your participation in this year's international Metamorfosart exhibition with the following conditions:
1. The exhibition is open to all  artists from all over the world.
2. The work was made within the last 1 year.
3. Each artist submits only 1 work.
4. Works in the form of architectural designs, architectural sketches, paintings, calligraphy, illustrations, cartoons, and drawings.
5. The maximum size of the artwork in A3, photograph, or scanned in 300 Dpi, JPEG or TIFF format, complete with bio data and description of the work in .doc format.
6. The deadline for submission of works is May 15, 2022.
7. The exhibition will be held on May 25 – June 10, 2022 at the Nusantara Gallery – ISAI campus 2 UIN Walisongo.
8. Address for submission of works
9. Each participant will receive an e-certificate and e-catalog
Warm regard,
Abdullah Ibnu Thalhah
Department of Islamic Art and Architecture
UIN Walisongo Semarang - Indonesia