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Call Of The 29th.International Calicomix Festival /Colombia,2022
Closing Date: August 15, 2022
The 29 International Calicomix Festival 2022 has "MEXICO" as a guest country and in the activities that will be performed, and has created the exhibition "Species in Danger" that is an invitation through a call to illustrators and dear caturists of the world to make images of catrinas and blabbering of endangered species including humans and the little attention we are giving to the care of the planet and the point of no return of much of life.
In this dangerous and costly adventure of civilization, mankind will have to necessarily return to observing nature from where it originated. He is experienced enough to understand that the power that he has the knowledge and experience to solve planetary life and coexistence with other species will be the only thing that will allow humans to survive.
We invite artists from all over the world participating in this contest inspired and guided by the contributions of José Guadalupe Posada and Pedro Linares Lopez where we will award the three best works. We have combined the Mexican popular tradition with environmental alarms to give it that encouraging element of celebrating the lives of the beings we live with, showing how art affects the way to interpret and manifest.
We invite you to meet Posada and Linares these extraordinary Latin American artists who will bring us elements for our sample of "Endangered Species"
Coinciding our event with the celebration of the 170th anniversary of the birth of the engraver, illustrator and cartoonist José Guadalupe Posada, celebrated for his drawings and engravings about death. Have a passion for political cartoon. Developed new techniques for printing. He worked for and founded major newspapers. Consolidating the Day of the Dead party, for its interpretations of everyday life and attitudes of the Mexican through skulls acting like ordinary people.
The validity of the work of José Guadalupe Posada is clearly identified in a series of creations achieved in recent decades, from various means and techniques. Posed beyond his death, and his dead, he lives and is an important presence and cultural expression of Mexican art.
We add to this call the fantastic vision of Pedro Linares, with his imaginary figures representing animals and monsters. This Mexican artist collaborating with Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo suffered at an early age very strong fevers that led to him having agonizing nightmares. These visions transported him into a wild environment and in touch with nature, and everything around him, whether a plant, a rock or a cloud, was transformed into very colorful animal forms and in very strange ways: winged dogs pickle with fangs and countless grotesque figures. All of them pronounced continuously and obsessively the same word: "Alebrijes, a term incomprehensible and without any meaning. When he overcame his illness, Linare shared with his family these fantastic hallucinations, and began to reproduce in cardboard and stone the figures of his nightmares, molding and decorating them just as he had imagined.
The call is now open and will end on August 15, 2022. Participants can submit up to three works in A4 size and 300 dpi resolution.
We will award the following prizes:
First place prize of $1,200. 000. oo (One million two hundred thousand Colombian pesos).
Second place prize of $600. 000. oo (six hundred thousand Colombian pesos)
3rd place (FREE TOPIC) $400 prize. 000. oo (four hundred thousand Colombian pesos).
Your participation can be done in any digital or analog technique, in white and black or in color. Accompany your works including your data: name and pseudonym, age, nationality and mailing address.
The event features a jury of qualified individuals for the selection of works that will be exhibited in the month of September at the 29 Calicomix International Festival 2022.
The participation of each artist in this contest allows the Calicomix Foundation to use the images for publicity, promotion and virtual and/or in-person exhibition without creating a contractual bond or fees. The participating works will have the name and nationality of each artist either for exhibition, print or dissemination of their work.
UNIQUE SHIPPING EMAIL: calicomixcolombia@gmail. with


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