The First International Cartoon Festival "Citizenship" Shiraz/Iran,2022

Cartoon is a universal art and cartoonists are the creators of this art. This is significant and praiseworthy for us.

The Municipality of Shiraz proudly invites all cartoonists of the world to accompany us with their artworks to promote and develop the culture of citizenship, and to introduce Hafez, the famous and world-renowned poet of Shiraz, as well.

Festival Secretary: Ahmad reza Sohrabi

Shiraz / Iran 2022

Festival Themes:

(Sub categories include: Respecting Citizen’s Rights, Shiraz Historical and Touristic Places, Traffic and Transportation, Urban Civil Projects, Green space, Waste, Apartment living, etc.)

Special Sector:

Hafez, the well-known poet of Shiraz and his universal poems

Rules and Regulations:


Shiraz Municipality will respectfully bestow 8 special prizes, statue and commemorative plaque to the owners of the top 8 artworks of the festival