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8th.Edition International Caricature &Graphic Humor Competition "NOTICARTUN,2022"/Colombia

In 2022, we present to all of you the presentation of the NOTICARTUN COLOMBIA 2022 festival and the call for the eighth edition of its contest, which pays tribute to the Colombian cartoon in the person of the master Coriolano Leudo Obando (1866-1957).
 Coriolano Leudo Obando:
 Bogota, 1866 - Villeta (Cundinamarca), 1957.
 Painter, draftsman, scenographer, teacher and caricaturist.  He practiced the genres of landscape, nude, history and portrait.  He studied at the School of Fine Arts in Bogota between 1887 and 1906, where he was a student of Enrique Recio, Epifanio Garay, Roberto Paramo and Ricardo Acevedo Bernal.  He obtains awards for his skills as a landscape and academic figure artist.  He taught at the School of Fine Arts in 1907.
He works as a set designer, which allows him to travel with the company of Paco Fuentes to Panama, Costa Rica, El Salvador and Guatemala.  He went to Spain in 1912, working as a set designer.  In 1913 he entered the San Fernando Academy in Madrid.  When he returns to Colombia, he is named director of the School of Fine Arts of Popayán between 1917 and 1919.
He participates in the foundation of the Annual Salon of Colombian Artists in 1931. In 1933 he becomes a full member of the Colombian Academy of Fine Arts, corresponding to that of San Fernando in Madrid.  Director of the School of Fine Arts of Bogota between 1931 and 1935. He works as an illustrator and caricaturist in the magazine Cromos since its foundation in 1916, where he uses the pseudonyms Moncrayon and Robinet.  At the end of his life he retired to Villeta, where he dedicated himself to painting and later died1.
 1) Open to all professional cartoonists worldwide, preferably over 18 years of age.
 Deadline: October 2, 2022 (11:59 pm, COLOMBIA time).
 2) There will be 2 official categories,
 Physiognomic Caricature and Graphic Humor.
 (Works that are not related to this year's themes will not be accepted).
 A. Physiognomic caricatures: of the maestro Coriolano Leudo Obando (NO portraits).
 Images and information:
- Special category Homage Juan Camilo Lopera Arroyave "JÚCALO" (Member of the Festival organization 2016-2021).
 Caricature Júcalo.  Virtual participation diploma (Gallery in this site & our social media).
B. Graphic humor: "Artistic migration".
 Graphic and humorous tribute to artists who decided to seek new horizons to take their art around the world.
 - Caricature:
 1, 2, 3 Place + 5 Honorable Mentions: Virtual Diploma.
 - Graphic Humor:
 1, 2, 3 Place + 5 Honorable Mentions: Virtual
 "Recognition Caricature (Coriolano Leudo
 Obando) and Graphic Humor "Virtual
 - In addition, a virtual catalog will be designed to be hosted in the official site of the contest.
 4) Each participant can present in the event a maximum of 1 work per theme but can only be awarded in one category and can participate with caricatures in black and white or color (analog or digital).
 5) About the JURY (Soon to be revealed, cartoonists from Argentina, Italy, Poland, Iran and Colombia):
 They will be able to participate with works but only as a collaboration and not for awards.
- Works of family members or people with whom they currently have work commitments, if applicable, will not be considered for awards.
 6) The drawings sent will have a maximum size of 30 x 40 cms.  JPG, 300 dpi and when sending the file, please name the file in this way:
 Capital letter, first letter of your first name, space, capital letter, first letter of your last name, space and in parentheses, the name of the country for which you have decided to participate.
 - Example: Participant Name (Country)
 7) It is possible to participate with cartoons that have already been published or awarded previously (as long as the authors own the rights of the works. More information Point 10).
- The selected works will be online so that if someone has a complaint about the originality of the work, the jury and the organization of the contest will review the case and select a new finalist work.
 8) All drawings submitted must be made from original drawn or painted ideas, whether presented in analog (scanned) or digital form.
 - Memes, photographs, scanned photocopies, photomontages, collages, 3D renderings, sculptures, etc.  will NOT be accepted, since this is a drawing contest.
 9) Participants must send a brief resume in word, contact information (name, surname, email, web or blog and country of origin of the participant) and a photograph or self caricature.
 10) Each author owns the rights to his work.
and only authorizes the International Cartoon and Humor Contest -
 NOTICARTUN COLOMBIA to use it in this online tribute and its promotional pieces or in possible exhibitions of cultural nature, without any financial compensation for the parties.  Any problem with copyright will be assumed by the participant.
 11) The International Cartoon and Humor Contest - NOTICARTUN COLOMBIA, reserves the right to display those works that may infringe on individual or collective rights.
 12) Participation in the competition implies full and unreserved acceptance of these conditions and we appreciate, appealing to their professionalism, if you have any doubts and concerns with the rules, please address them with the organization in an email and not on social networks.
13) Entries should only be sent to:
 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (only official means of communication).


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