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7th International Green Crescent Cartoon Contest /Turkey,2023
7th International Green Crescent Cartoon Contest is being organized with the theme “Life Overcomes Addiction”. 130,000 TRY in total will be awarded to the winners of the contest for which the deadline is January 31, 2023. Green Crescent General Manager, M. Nurullah Atalan states, “Our priority is to contribute to raising healthy and addiction-free generations. We excitedly await cartoons by both youth and adult amateur and professional artists.” 
The Green Crescent is organizing its 7th International Cartoon Contest this year, which it holds for the purpose of raising awareness of addictions. The final deadline for submissions for the contest, open to all cartoonists both amateur and professional, with the theme “Life Overcomes Addiction” is January 31, 2023.  Submissions for the contest which will award a total of 130,000 TRY this year can be made online at
Up to 3 works can be sent, published works may be participated in, provided that they are not awarded.
A4 or A3
Black and white or color / 300 dpi
Turkish or English (text will be used if necessary, but not visual / verbal)
The first among the cartoons to be judged by cartoon artists and specialists in the field of addiction will be awarded 25,000 TRY, the second will be awarded 20,000 TRY, and the third, 15,000 TRY. Those receiving achievement awards will be awarded 10,000 TRY each. 
For the Under 16 category, a total of 30,000 TRY will be distributed among the top three young artists. The winner of the Mazhar Osman special award, named after the man who founded the Green Crescent in Istanbul in 1920 by the name “Hilal-i Ahdar” and resided over the society until 1945, will be given 10,000 TRY. 
Green Crescent General Manager M. Nurullah Atalan, noting that the International Green Crescent Cartoon Contests draws even more interest from Türkiye and the world each year, states, “As Green Crescent, we care that our youth stay away from addiction and are aware of this issue. Last year, we received much attention for our contest, having opened submission to the Under 16 category for the first time. As in the world, contributing to raising addiction-free generations is our priority. In line with this goal, we excitedly await submissions from both youth and adult amateur and professional artists to our contest, the 7th of which is held this year with the theme “Life Overcomes Addiction”. 


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