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55th.World Gallery Of Cartoons Skopje2023/North Macedonia
Skopje 2023
• The organizer of the event is OSTEN Skopje, the Republic of North Macedonia
• The process of organization of the 55th WGC Skopje 2023 is in four phases: - APPLICATION (March – June 2023)
- SELECTION + publication of selected cartoonists (July – September 2023)
- JURY + announcement of finalists (October 2023)
• THE OFFICIAL EXHIBITION and AWARD GIVING (December 2023) in Skopje, R.N.M.
• TYPES OF WORKS – cartoons | satirical drawing | comic/strip (onepanel of non-linguistic strip)
• THEME | TECHNIQUE   by the author’s choice
 FORMAT - А3 (42 х 30 см) or А4 (30 х 21 см)
• NUMBER of WORKS – up to 5 works / cartoonist
• The cartoonists can participate with:
- ORIGINAL WORKS, (hand-created works/drawn on paper or other media) - DIGITAL WORKS (printed, numbered and signed in pencil on the front)
• Only original works from the NEWER PRODUCTION, which have not previously been PUBLISHED or AWARDED, will be considered
• WORKS that are deemed by the jury to be identical or closely similar to the known works by another cartoonist - will NOT be judged
• IF DETECTED the cartoonist has violated any of the rules for participation after the awarding - the jury has the right to withdraw the award
• ACCORDING TO THE ORGANIZER’S DIRECTIONS, the selector and the international jury will pay particular attention to the visual expression of the submitted works
- Fill out the APPLICATION FORM (electronically or manually) and send it to the e-mail:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. along with a photo, short bio and digital images of the submitted works
- To send the electronically submitted works -original or digital (printed, numbered and signed) BY POSTAL MAIL along with the printed and signed Application Form
- ON THE BACK OF EACH WORK TO WRITE the name, the country and the title of the work
** only works that will arrive by post at the organizer's address by the specified date (see below) will be
taken into account in the selection and judging process
*** by filling out the application, the author cedes to the organizer the NON-EXCLUSIVE RIGHT to use, exhibit, study and publish his works for the purposes of the event.
DEADLINE for arrival of the works for participation in the 55th WGC Skopje 2023 - June 30, 2023!!!
8 Strike Brigade 2, 1000 Skopje, North Macedonia
When sending the works, be sure to put on the shipment: NON-COMMERCIAL SHIPMENT / FOR EXHIBITION ONLY!
You should choose one of the options below
To participate WITHOUT A PARTICIPATION FEE (the submitted works remain in the OSTEN Collection) To participate WITH A PARTICIPATION FEE of 20 $ (non-selected works to be returned to the author)
The payment should be done via money transfer to the OSTEN Skopje account: Beneficiary: OSTEN DOOEL SKOPJE, 8 Udarna Brigada 2, Skopje 1000, N. Macedonia IBAN: MK07210701000702188 | SWIFT: TUTNMK22
Bank: NLB AD SKOPJE, Majka Tereza 1, Skopje 1000, N. Macedonia
• The SELECTOR decides about the CARTOONISTS who go to the next level of jurying with all
submitted works
• The INTERNATIONL JURY reviews the works of the selected cartoonists, chooses the work that will be presented in the catalog and decides on the awards envisaged by the organizer
• The ORGANIZER will notify all registered cartoonists about the:
- RESULTS of the SELECTION (until the end of September 2023) - SELECTION of FINALISTS (until the end of October 2023)
- THE JURY DECISION (by the end of November 2023)
... and will publish the results on its website -, official FB page World Gallery of Cartoons and other printed, electronic and social media
• The works of the AWARDED CARTOONISTS, FINALISTS and SELECTED CARTOONISTS will be reproduced in the catalog of the 55th WGC Skopje 2023
• The works of the AWARDED CARTOONISTS, FINALISTS and SELECTED CARTOONISTS will be exhibited at the official exhibition of the 55th WGC Skopje 2023
• AWARDED CARTOONISTS receive respective cash prizes (where and as much as provided - see below), printed certificates and a copy of the catalog by mail.
• FINALISTS receive digital certificates and catalog in .pdf by e-mail.
GRAND PRIX for LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT (1500 $ & Sculpture) – decision by the Ambassadors of OSTEN FIRST AWARD ($1000 & Plaque) – decision by the International Jury
SECOND AWARD ($500 & Plaque) – decision by the International Jury
5 THIRD AWARDS (Plaque) – decision by the International Jury
5 SPECIAL AWARDS (Plaque) – decision by the International Jury
CICO AWARD * for a Macedonian Cartoonist (Plaque) – decision by the OSTEN Board * In honor of the great Macedonian cartoonist Vasilije Popovic – Cico
The organizer invites ALL CARTOONISTS - PARTICIPANTS of the 55th WGC Skopje 2023 to attend the opening of the exhibition and the award ceremony in December 2023 in Skopje and to jointly celebrate the great anniversary of 55 years of the WORLD GALLERY of CARTOONS (1969 – 2024).


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