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 Portraits of Cartoonist Nezih Danyal


 Nezih Danyal, the founder of the Cartoon Foundation, supported the interest of young people in cartoons by organizing the 7-17 and 7-77 International Cartoon Festivals every year as part of the Foundation's activities.

 He produced original works in this field by combining traditional art and caricature in Turkish Caricature.

Nezih Danyal

NEZİH DANYAL, who was born in 1945/

İZMİT, has drawn cartoons and cartoons for more than a hundred publications since 1960. He has won many awards in national and international competitions. He opened exhibitions in various cities at home and exhibitions in various cities at home and abroad. The "Globanadoluzeysin" exhibition was exhibited in various cities, especially in Berlin, Rotterdam, Paris, Tehran, Hirosaki (Japan), Osieck (Croatia), Warsaw, Legnica (Poland), Athens, Nicosia. His cartoons were taken to museums and private collections. Two of the ten cartoon albums were awarded at the 3rd International Cartoon Competition held in Pescara, Italy, and "Exhibitions" at the 13th Dutch Cartoon Festival. He prepared the auxiliary book "Let's Draw Caricature" for those who are new to cartooning. He prepared and presented the "Cartoon of the Week" column in the "Day Begins" program broadcast on TRT1 for seven years, starting from 1991. The cartoons in the 'Cartoon of the Week' column were published as a book. by TRT in 2000. He was awarded with the "Contribution to National Culture" by the Art Lovers Association in 1980, with the FECO (Federation of Cartoonist Organizations 'Promotor Cartoon Art' awards in 1999, and the FECO 'Fellowship' awards in 2004. He established the "Cartoon Foundation" in 1994. He organized the Ankara Cartoon Festivals. Nezih Danyal is the president of FECO Turkey.

LAST PARTICIPATION DATE: It is until the end of 15/10/2023.


1. The competition is organized on an international scale and is a single category; It is open to all amateur and professional cartoonists.

2. The drawing technique is free. Cartoons should be in 300 dpi resolution and jpg format and should be sent to the specified

e-mail address.

3. Cartoon dimensions should be at least:

A4 (21 x 29.7 cm) and at most: A3 (29.7 x 42 cm).

4. The participant will be responsible for all kinds of possible discussions, stolen and similar claims.

5. Contestants must send their name- surname, address, telephone and e-mail addresses along with their cartoons.

6. Works submitted after the specified date will be excluded from the competition.

7. Selected cartoons will be published in Tebesir Cartoon Magazine and will be sent to those whose work has been published.

8. Contestants can send as many cartoons as they wish.

9. An electronic "Certificate of Appreciation" will be sent to everyone who participates.

10. All participants who submit their works to the competition are deemed to have accepted the above conditions.


10 Honorary Awards (Electronic Award Certificate).



 Nezih DANYAL (Cartoonist)

Altan ÖZESKİCİ (Cartoonist)

 António Santos (Cartoonist)

Aşkın AYRANCIOĞLU (Cartoonist)

 Emre YILMAZ (Cartoonist)

İzel ROZENTAL (Cartoonist)

 Kamil MASARACI (Cartoonist)

 Mustafa SARYAL (Cartoonist)

Oleksiy Kustovsky (Cartoonist)


+90.530.3331515 (Altan Özeskici)


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