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5th International Political Cartoon Contest "Ferrara"/Italy 2015Contest and Prize
for the best cartoon dedicated to the U
European Union in the Italian press,
Fifth Edition 2015
Competition Rules
1. Organisation and purpose
1.1. The Representation in Italy of the European Commission (hereafter "the Representation")
It proposes the fourth edition of the Prize for the best political cartoon about the EU, edizio
I 2014, in collaboration with the Italian magazine "International"
with the participation of Voxeu
(Hereafter "the organizers").
1.2. The objective of this competition is, on the one hand, to raise awareness on issues cartoonists euro
pei promoting a greater coverage of the latter and, on the other hand, to stimulate
the interest of European citizens and Italians for the European political life.
1.3. The award is part and shall monitor the activities of the Representative, addressed to me
gliorare information and public awareness and be completed by the "Studio Euro
pa ", the website, publications and social networks, journalism schools and the Order of
Journalists in Italy.
1.4. The competition aims to establish an award in recognition of the commitment of cartoonists
the scope of information on Europe, now confirmed as a traditional prize and pay
gious appointment of stimulus to follow and participate, even with the tool of humor, to
European political debate.
2. Eligibility criteria for participants and works
2.1. Participants must meet the following criteria:
2.1.1. They must be citizens or residents of one of the 28 EU Member States or in
a candidate country;
2.1.2. They must have published the cartoons proposals for the competition, in Italian (original language
nal or translated in Italian) in the Italian press, on websites or blogs Reference ace
tions of cartoonists, dedicated exclusively to the publication of cartoons. (See
art. 2.1.3);
2.1.3. The headquarters of the drafting of the head in Italian (paper, website or blog) that pub
lished the cartoons must be in Italian or legally or contractually tied to a head
based in Italy;
2.1.4. The head, the website or the blog
They must be legally registered in Italy
For blogs
associations of cartoonists must be accompanied by proof of registration

Regulation-final -
May 27, 2015
2.1.5. And 'it disqualified anyone, the date for submission of proposals, work to
any reason for the European Commission as well as for the organizers or members of
jury. Family members of the latter can not also participate in the competition.
They must be 18 years of age.
2.2. The works must meet the following criteria:
2.2.1. Must concern the current EU in general (its action, its protagonists, the
its legislation and their possible impact on the lives of European citizens, the environment, etc. );
2.2.2. Must be cartoons for the press or for a current site, including sites
specialized in political satire (see Art. 2.1);
2.2.3. They must have been published in a media outlet (paper or online) as
described in paragraphs 2.1.3 and 2.1.4. ;
2.2.4. They must have been published during the period between:
On October 1, 2014 and June 30, 2015.
Participants are asked to provide proof of publication or distribution (see
application form attached);
2.2.5. They must have been published in Italian (original or translation);
2.2.6. Must meet the requirements of the Charter of the European Union following editorial elen
(I) do not contain anything which could offend good taste or decency or that
may encourage crime, cause unrest or offend the public;
(Ii) do not cause undue sensitivities of the public and respect the
religions and any kind of religious belief.
2.2.7. They can not have received other awards before the deadline for acceptance of
proposals (point 2.2.4);
2.2.8. They may not have benefited from contributions from the EU institutions.
Failure to comply with any of the criteria set out in paragraphs 2.1. and 2.2. will be excluded au
matic's candidacy
3. Publication of the competition
3.1. The organizers will publish on their websites the call for applications insie
me to the contest rules and the application form and, where appropriate, it will advertise.
3.2. The call for nominations for the 2015 edition of the competition:
opens the
May 2015
* And ends July 6, 2015
4. Submission of proposals
4.1. The works must be in all cases reported in the following way:
4.1.1. in a format that enables playback of high definition quality (minimum 300
4.1.2. if proposals are received by registered mail or delivered by hand
(See Art. 4.2), it requires three copies printed in color high
4.1.3. state the name of the newspaper, magazine or the website of Italian language Italian
(See Art. 2.1.3 and Annexes II and II), in which the cartoon was published in Italian (original
or translation) for the first time and the date of publication, for each vignette proposal.
4.2. Proposals must be sent
along with the application form
completed in full
it's parts
- By email at:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
- Or by registered mail or delivered by hand to the magazine International:
European Cartoon Award

Regulation-final -
May 27, 2015
Via Volturno, 58
I-00185 Roma
For mail sent by post will be the postmark; in the case of hand delivery will be released
a delivery receipt.
4.3. Each participant may submit up to three works. These may have been publications
individually or be part of a series.
. Applications group, in accordance with the requirements of Article 2, shall be accepted if all
the authors, the maximum number of five, appearing on the application form.
4.5. Each work must be sent individually by filling
in its entirety
the form of can
ballot on (attached) is available on the websites of the Representation and the magazine Internatio
4.6. The deadline for sending the cartoons and the application form is the day
July 6, 2015 (before 14.00)
4.7. In applying, the participant acknowledges having read and understood the rules.
4.8. After submitting his application, the sender will receive an email confirmation of participating
tion in the competition;
4.9. The organizers reserve the right to reject applications that do not respond to
conditions of competition.
4.10. The cartoons of the candidates who meet the conditions of the competition, will be examined by
a jury (see Article 6), which will select a candidate for the participant.
4.11. The selected cartoons will be published on the Facebook page of the International order
to enable the public vote.
12.4. Reproductions - in professional quality - the cartoons put out to tender will be exhibited
during the International Festival of Ferrara (2 to 4 October 2015).
4.13. After the public vote, the jury will evaluate the cartoons in competition (see art. 5 and 6)
4.14. The organizers reserve the right to use the cartoons admitted to the contest for the rea
tion of an exhibition catalog with comments explaining the context and 'political event
to which each cartoon refers (point VI of the application form attached). The cartoons
the candidates will be published together with the name, photograph and a brief curriculum vitae
4.15. The cartoons sent shall in no case violate the regulations concerning
16.4. With the agreement of the authors expressed in the form of participation, the Representative Office may
use cartoons to articles and services on their sites and social networks, publishing and
the creation of artwork and promotional (with due reference to the author and
head of publication).
4.17. There is no entry fee.
5. Evaluation Criteria
5.1. The cartoons that do not relate to an issue related to EU policy, or not published in the media
as stipulated in Article 2 will be excluded

Regulation-final -
May 27, 2015
5.2. The cartoons considered not professional enough may be excluded from the jury.
5.3. The cartoons
chosen by jury (Article 4.10) and placed in competition
They will be judged on
basis of the following evaluation criteria:
5.3.1 Originality
5.3.2 Humor (20%);
5.3.3 Quality
5.3.4 Results of the online voting public (
) (See art. 4.10, 4.11 and 6.3);
5.4. Each member of the jury will award a score between 0 and 10 for the criteria from 5.3.1 to 5.3.3.
The choice of the public (for the criterion 5.3.4) will be given a score proportional to the votes
for each vignette (votes for the sticker divided by the total number of votes, multiplied by 10).
5.5. The five winners will be those who will
received the highest vote
(According to me
Give weighted criteria as stated in the article 5.3).
6. Jury and awards
6.1. An independent jury of undoubted professionalism and it will set up to assess with
tributes to undergo it. It will be composed of seven members, including two representatives of Repre
tation, a representative of International and one of Voxeurop, two journalists established and spe
cialised in European affairs and the winner of the 2014 President of the jury will be a
Representative of the Director of the Representation. The jury will have to:
6.1.1 Making your first selection (see art.4.10)
6.1.2 Evaluate after the cartoons submitted and choose the winner (see Art. 4.13).
6.2. The selected works will be judged by the public through online voting.
The vote of the public will have
place on the Facebook page of the International:
Between 21 July and 13 September 2015.
6.3. The jury will choose the winners from the list of eligible candidates according to the criteria as
Article 5.3.
6.4. The jury's vote is secret.
The organizers will award
awards on the basis of a proposal from the jury which evaluates with
tributes according to the criteria of art. 5.
6.6. The decision of the jury and the organizers is final.
6.7. Participants raise Facebook from any liability.
7. Awards
7.1. The winners of the competition, announced by the Representation in accordance with Articles 5 and 6 receives

First Prize:€1,400

Second Prize:€800

Third Prize:€400

Special Award - Audience:€200

Special Award - Jury:€200
7.2. Winners will also receive a commemorative plaque. All participants will be
issued certificates of participation

Regulation-final -
May 27, 2015
7.3. The cartoons chosen by the jury after the first selection (see Article 6.1.1) will be pub
lished in a catalog and exhibited to the public during the International Festival of Ferrara
8. Awards Ceremony
8.1. The awards ceremony will take place on Sunday
October 4, 2015
during the Festival In
international Ferrara.
8.2. The cartoons of the winner, the 2nd and 3rd place, as well as the two cartoons with award
Special Jury and
the public will
published on the website of the Representation, on social
networks and on the websites of the organizers.
9. Privacy Policy
9.1. Personal data are recorded and processed to the extent necessary to manage the participating
of the candidates in this competition.
9.2. Guaranteed compliance with Regulation (EC) No. 45/2001 on the protection of persons
individuals with regard to the processing of personal data by the Community institutions and bodies co
munity, and the free movement of such data.
9.3. Personal data will be recorded and stored as long as will be used in
management of various activities related to the contest.
9.4. For transparency purposes, the contributions will be made public, with the author's name and
the position held within your organization.
9.5. Right of reply and the controller of personal data.
For further information on the processing of personal data or exercise your rights (for
eg access or rectification of incorrect or incomplete, or lack of consent to the publi
cation of their data on Europe), you can write to:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
9.6. At any time you can also complain to the European Data Protection Supervisor
to the following address:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Regulation-final -
May 27, 2015
Annex: Application form
Competition and Prize for the best cartoon dedicated to the European Union
in the Italian press
Edition 2014
The application form includes:
The data, compiled table in all its parts in capital letters
Details of / contributions.
If the applicant sends more than a cartoon, each to be accompanied by her
module "details of the contribution" and comments
III - Proof of publication of the cartoon (
with precise
Internet link
the page of the media on which it was published
The Declaration of Consent
A short CV of the author (2 to 8 lines).
VI - A short text explaining the reason for his choice of subject and / or his vision
the utility of the cartoons as a tool of political information
and debate
The texts of point V and VI will be published in the catalog of the contest (see Article
7.3 of the Regulation).


Regulation-final -
May 27, 2015
These six elements must be sent in with your own contribution:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Or alternatively:
- For registered mail or delivered by hand to the address of the International:
European Cartoon Award
Via Volturno, 58
I-00185 Roma



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