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Cartoon Exhibition"Picasso Among Us"/Brazil,2023


The art of painting is perhaps the most personal art that an artist can have. It’s him and the blank canvas for all or nothing.

Picasso, one of the most famous painters of all time, has always been extremely dedicated to his canvases.

But he also knew how to identify that it was time to create beyond everything that existed and gave us an infinity of new graphic ideas.

The cartoonists immediately grasped this message and knew how to show the step beyond in graphic humor as well.

Therefore, Picasso was not just a painter of an era, but an instigator of graphic creativity.

This exhibition, with more than 220 drawings from around 35 countries, gives us an idea of these roots when Picasso himself is the object of inspiration in the different styles.

This is the best tribute we could do to this restless soul who will always be among us.

We are grateful for the support of the Spanish embassy, especially Ambassador Maria del Mar Fernández-Palacios Carmona, who gave us a video where there is a presentation on Picasso and us makes this tribute feel really something special.

We started this exhibition with a drawing by Chico Caruso made for his book “Pablo Mon Amour”, which was part of an exhibition organized by André Barroso on the occasions of 20 years without Picasso, at the Legislative Assembly of Minas Gerais and 30 years without Picasso in different parts of Niterói.

The exhibition celebrates the great painter on the 50th anniversary of his death: April 8, 1973. Just a date, because Picasso is among us!



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