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Animation Mundi BH brings more than 50 nation and international production

Event features outdoor display, as well as workshops and masterclasses free Movie "Nina need the toilet" Anima Mundi BH displays productions with different animation techniques Between 2 and 7 September, the Future Hi BH receives the 5th edition of Anima Mundi BH, event responsible for fostering new scenario of Brazilian animation and its integration and recognition in the international market. The event program includes more than 50 national and international animations, as well as workshops with different animation techniques and masterclass with special participation of Portuguese Regina Pessoa. Workshops and masterclasses are free. Already tickets for film screenings cost £ 8 *. For opening night, on day 2, a free outdoor session, at Freedom Square, is scheduled from 19:30. The selection for the entire family, features productions from France, Argentina, Hungary and Brazil. In the script, "Moles Junior", "Entracte," "Father," Forward, march! "," Gloria Victoria "," Papírvilág "and" Huis Uit ". During the six-day event, the kids can have fun with science stories, adventures, mysteries and magic. For adults, we selected some productions awarded in editions of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. Workshops for adults and children Among the activities prepared for the event is the "Open Studio", which should hold workshops with children, adults, or lay started. You do not need experience or prior registration and calls are in order of arrival. The workshop "Cartoon" enables the pile conduct drawings lightboxes on each other, using punched papers on register pins, and then shoot them in the desired sequence (age rating: 10 years). The event also features workshop "Massinha" and "Pixilation". The latter allows participants to create an animated story, using costumes and making successive poses, which are photographed one by one. Finally, the workshop "Zoetrope" offers the nineteenth century toys for children, which give the illusion of movement. Download the full program of the 5th edition of Anima Mundi BH.
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5th edition of Anima Mundi BH
how much
* From $ 0 to R $ 8
Future Hi BH
Pirapetinga, 4001 street
Sierra - South
Belo Horizonte
(31) 3229-3131
View on map      Daily 3 (Wed) to 07/09 (Sun)
         from 10:00 to 21:00 where
Liberty Square - Belo Horizonte
Liberty Square, Savassi
Staff - Center
Belo Horizonte
View on map      Have 02/09 at 19:30

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