Weekly Note-27

Issues of cartoon festivals-part 4
The presence of someone from the examiners' team who usually collects the works is completely wrong. This person has a high capability in imposing his / her idea. Any smile, allusion or short talk from his / her part is considered as directing the festival from examiners and the examiners can change their preferences as a result of these people's influence.
Personally in recent festivals, I sent the votes of other examiners which were sent by internet to all the examiners so that they could see each other's' votes. Some festivals do not do this and their results surprise all the examiners.
Furthermore, for choosing the first to third people without any discussion one work would be considered as wrong. Actually, in recent festivals it has been observed that one cartoon without being in the primary selection of the final examiners has reached the first place and this results in cartoonist's loosing trust.
In the last 7 years' festivals in Tabriz, we enter the examiners to the exhibition hall, and then without the presences of anybody including me, we wait for the results.