Caricature Seminar"NASS-ナス-【Nigaoe Artist Study Session】 ~No pain , No gain〜"

cARICATURE  2015 /Nagoya/Japan

You can draw a caricature freely, also you can deepen communication with great caricaturists who can not meet easily, It is a meeting that can be enjoyed in your own way.
The free works competition employs a scoring system of ISCA, we provided each award. For beginners, we would like to know is whether being carried out in a way that said the ISCA is.
In this time, It will have some unique seminars & sessions by some great artists. It is a great seminar set lead to skill & level up the caricature!
This Caricature Study Sessions will be the first held in Nagoya, please join us by all means sieved
Ltd. ART / Caricature studio
President & CEO Yukiya Yamanaka Schedule February 3 (Tue), 4 (Wed), 5 (Thur) 2015 February 3 Tuesday
18:00 - Check in & Reception February 4 Wednesday
9am ~ 10pm Study Sessions (Seminars, Free drawing) February 5 Thursday
9am ~ 7pm Study Sessions (Seminars, Free drawing, Voting, Result announcement) Venue Location Kanayama Plaza Hotel · Seminar Plaza 6th conference hall Study Sessions Content · Free drawing: to select from who the participants are in a venue, and draw a caricature for each other. After that, all work will be hung and everyone votes for each award voted by the participants.

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