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A preface to Tabriz Cartoons website-weekly note

With over twelve years of experiences, Tabriz Cartoons has got on many ups and downs and today is a great day for this website which acts in honor of friendship and peace, independent of political and affiliations, as with the new management board a new spirit has been blown to the very soul of the website and with the new design and new staff and policies, it is going to be a more vibrant environment for the country's cartoon society and the cartoon's universe as a whole.

Thanks new co-workers in Tabrizcartoons:Hadi-Leyla-Parisa and Hani

Policies of the website for the upcoming two years under management of the new board are addressed below:
1. Neutral informing in accordance with policies of Islamic Republic of Iran.
2. Assisting independent cartoon movements especially Iranian cartoonists.
and good relationships with Iran and International Cartoon societies.
3. Assisting creative and moral artists and opening up the environment for their activities.

4. Protecting Tabriz Cartoon Society interests and transparency.


Director of Tabriz cartoon associations


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