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Tabriz Cartoon interview with distinguished cartoonist in Iran and World Kambiz Derambakhsh / Tabriz Cartoon Muzeum 2015

Because of his presence at 12th international Tabriz Cartoon Festival for judgment.
Kambiz Derambakhsh was born in 1942 in Shiraz.He graduated from Tehran art school.A small part of
his activities and achievements include: 55 years of cooperation with press of Iran and world -50 solo
exhibitions inside and outside Iran-awards and international achievements of the most prestigious
International Cartoon Competitions in Iran, Japan, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Turkey, Brazil and
the King of Arts and Letters in France-arbitration of the international competitions-published
several books-Teaching at Tehran University.
-What's Your idea about Iran's cartoon?
The situation of Iran's cartoon is good and we have many talented cartoonist but the remarkable thing is
that, unfortunately, there is not any acceptable place to show their works.There is a Cartoon House in
Tehran but it's too small.In the world the municipalities do this and that makes, this art is in contact
with people.In this way people are familiar with the artists of other cities but in our country it is limited
and just most active artists know these artists.-What's Your opinion about Tabriz Cartoon Museum?
I am surprised to see this beautiful museum and I wish to have a museum like this, in Tehran.This
museum exhibition the works of many artists and makes closer two-class artists and ordinary people
together.I appreciate Mr.Asghari who tried so much for this museum and also, appreciate for his

-What Is your advice to interested of this art?
Young interested should know professional cartoonists and see their works, use their books.In this art it's
So important to see the others works because it makes training of ingenuity.The next thing is that it
must love this art and go forward with love and try to keep their pen even in their free time, just draw
the line and do not separate pen and paper from themselves and they can be successful in this way with
perseverance and passion.
-Please Talk about your exhibitions that will be held in the future.
My next exhibition will be held in the autumnof 2015 in New York and 70 works will be exhibited.Also,
the other will be held in Rahe Abrisham gallery in Tehran and I have a workshop in Baharan institute in
-Do You have any books to publish right now?
Now, I am publishing 4 books.The first one is about dumb show on paper, the secound is spectacular
Stories, the third is best Cartoons of the last 50 years and the last book that I'm developing is up to
Political and humorous miniature, it was not possible to print them in Pahlavi era.-Finally, Tell us a memory or interesting experience from your art activity.
I had an exhibition in Golestan gallery the 12-year-old boy with a magazine came to me and wanted to
interview with me for this magazine after speak with him I realized the magazine was for himself he
came hardly to my exhibition till interview with me.I interviewed with him and later he brought the
published interview.I was very surprised.I had such a good feeling that if the minister or the president
came to see my exhibition I did not have this feeling. I interviewed with that boy and later he brought
the published interview.
-The Last word?
I appreciate Tabriz people and Tabriz Cartoonists association members.specially Mr.Rahim Baghal Asghari's hospitality.


Special thanks to Mrs.Yariyan reporter of Asre Adineh.
Translate By: Saeedeh Aziz khah

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