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Lunch and work meeting with Museum Coworkers in TabrizCartoon Museum

1-Sir Moharamay-Assistant Tabriz Art office

2-Sir Rahim Baghal Asgari-Director of  Tabriz Cartoon Museum

3-Mr Hadi Sedgi-Technical Director of Tabrizcartoon websit

4-Mr Shahram Nobakht-Teacher in Tabriz Cartoon Museum

5-Mr Behzad Gari Hagigat-Animation Unit Director in Tabriz Cartoon Museum

6-Mrs Lida Afsari-Assistant in Tabriz Cartoon Museum

7-Mrs Masoumeh Karimzadeh-AssistantTabriz Cartoon Museum

8-Mrs Salmani-Basic Teacher in Tabriz Cartoon Museum

9-Mrs Layla Pir Mohmmady-Assistant in Tabriz Cartoon Museum

10-Mrs Samira Yousefi-Inspector inTabriz Cartoon Museum &Cartoon Teacher Museum

11-Mrs Naimeh Nikooray-Responsible in Tabriz Cartoon Museum

12-MrsTizgadm-Basic Teacher in Tabriz Cartoon Museum

13-Mrs Pirzad-Drawing Teacher in Tabriz Cartoon Museum

14-Mrs Leyla Alaiy Fard-Director of Tabrizcartoon Websit

15-Mr Mohammad Reza Nofar-Caricature Teacher  inTabriz Cartoon Museum


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