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New Book "How To BOND" From MADARTIST Was Published,2016

This book is an artist tribute created by world’s best artists. It takes every James Bond fan on a thrill-packed journey through the world of Bond films, characters and actors portraying them. See Bond characters as never before and learn about them and behind the scenes of this awesome franchise. Watch over 165 QR-reference videos right from the book with your tablet or phone. All the fun of Bond is here:

The movies; The stories, The spectacular caricatures and illustrations by world renowned artists.

This book is everything a Bond fan would want and more.

The ultimate Bond Gift is finally here -Be the envy of every Bond Fan.

Front cover Illustration credits: Gilberto Bobadilla de Anda, Bogdan Covaciu, Anthony Geoffroy, Luuk Poorthuis, Eric Scala, Bob Lizarraga. Back cover Illustration credits: Andres Lopez, Patrick Brown, Cyril Brenner-loegel,  Mahboob 'Elham' Raja, Eugenio Candia, Anthony Geoffroy, Rocky Sawyer, Jason Seiler, Nicolas Villeminot, Josep Solè, Olle Magnusson, Ali Kiani Amin, Ian Baker. Over 100 more artists tell you what they love most about Bond. eBook1.4 now available. Trade Reviewer's Available Aug 15th.

Artist Index: Euan Mactavish, Ricardo Ajler, Ryan Alcock, Darrell William Robinson, Mark Hammermeister, David Boudreau, Bertrand Daullé, Gabby Correia, Tim Leatherbarrow, Sri Priyatham, Tom Richmond, Fabio Barba Flores, Isis Sousa, Ed van der Linden, Jaume Cullell, Dan Barrett, Pier Prigent (Misterponce Murchia), Germán Luna, Shesh Kiran, Benjamin Thomas, Stephen Perry, Anna Marine, Bruno Hamzagic de Carvalho, Rich Conley, Agnès Boisramè Jacquelin, Juan Pablo Castromora, Marco Martellini, Joachim Lipski, Wahyu Ahmad Viki Pratama, Vincenzo 'Patzo' Altamore, Patrick Mcquade,  Sebastián Etcheberry, Simon Williams, Steven Yamasaki, Sebastian Cast, Wouter Tulp, Peter Emslie, Rui Duarte, Tafazzul Hussain, Angel Brkic, Heba Nagy, David Cleary, Devonne Amos, Juan Pablo Costa, Scott Jones-mcmahon, Nicko Dahlstrom, Steve Roberts, Alberto Russo, Ali Seiffouri, Dinko Medved, Ernesto Priego, Mathieu Alday, Manon Delacroix, Diego Puglisi, Torren Thomas, John Beauchamp, Guillaume Vialaneix, Jean-Marc Borot, Duane Harding, Steve Young, Cedric 'Difsod' Routier, Leandro Spett, Jan Jäger, Brian Astle, Stephen Lorenzo Walkes, Regis Teixeira, Marzio Mariani, Janusz Falk, Antonio Durän AnDújar, Ben Jelfs, Alex Gallego, Walter Fornero, Rocky Sawyer, Colin Whitlock, Dennis Pfeil, Tim Notte, Amro Ashry, Celso Celartis, Ross Burt, Javier Martínez Sánchez, Phillip Arif, Budi Kurniawan, Lonnie Ollivierre, Joe Fu, Erich Owen, Rusty Tabo, William Appledorn, John Fisher, Mike Mahle, Hamed Kabbara, Tomislav Kaurin-Tomek, Nikhil Shinde, Brice Mercier, Ilenia Bernardini, Vicky Hilal "VQmultimediART", Maximiliano Bagnasco, Nick Bohlen, Thierry Coquelet,Nicoleta Ionescu, Rick Adams.


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