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The Finalist Cartoons Of The 6th International Tourism

Cartoon Competition/Turkey 2015  

 Dear Cartoonists: Preliminary evaluation of the members of the selection

Committee in İstanbul on January 17, 2015 meeting sonar 6.

International tourism Cartoon Competition finalists are announced.

In the category of adults is in the Junior category 34 works final 146,

was selected for the assessment.
Finalists works before the final evaluation, January 22 and February 10, 2015

could examine the contest's page of in.

The cartoons include similar, copy on or before you come across to the cartoon

Award and fraudulent, please inform the Organizing Committee.

Finalists with all kinds of objections shall be noted until February 10, 2015.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Note: all cartoons on the Web page

"Adult (1)" ... a.. and "Youth (1)" is located in the form.

When you provide information about a cartoon, please write the label

information on the Toon (tag information will be seen on the

right side when I clicked onto the Toon).

On the other hand, should mention in the e-mail itself,

you can send as a picture in the environment.

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