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Winners Of The 24th World Press Freedom International Editorial Cartoon Competition/Canada,2024 
Theme:Artificial Intelligence: Yes or No?
   jury, composed of five members of World Press Freedom Canada committee, met to select the winners of the 24th World Press Freedom International Editorial Cartoon Competition.
The Winners:
 1st Prize: Bruce MacKinnon, Canada
 2nd Prize: Dalcio Macado, Brazil
 3rd Prize: Jugoslav Vlahovic, Serbia
Awards of Excellence:
 Andrés Edery, Spain 
 Batti Manfruelli, France 
Davide D'Angelo, Italy 
Goran Divac, Serbia 
Graeme Mackay, Canada 
Jose Daniel Oviedo Galeano, Colombia 
Marlene Pohle, Argentina 
Niels Bo Bojesen, Denmark 
Oguzhan Çiftci, Turkey 
Kak, France


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