Result of Maya Kamath Memorial Awards Competition-2014

IIC is happy to announce the result of The Maya Kamath Memorial Awards Competition- 2014 organised recently. We had received 91 entries from Indian Cartoonists for the Awards for Excellence in Political Cartooning, 44 for Best Budding Cartoonist Award and 53 for Best Foreign Cartoon Award. The Prizes will be distributed on 6th June 2015 at the gallery. An exhibition of selected entries will be displayed on the same occasion. M K M Awards for Excellence in Political Cartooning- 2014:

1st prize - Rs.25,000

Satish Acharya, Kundapur, Karnataka
2nd prize - Rs.15,000

Kantesh Badiger, Bangalore
3rd prize - Rs.5,000

Rohan Chakravarty, Nagpur
Special Jury appreciation prizes of Rs. 2,500:
1. Gajanan Ghongde, Akola

2. Saahil Bhatia, Delhi

3. Tanmay Tyagi, New Delhi
Best Foreign Cartoon Award 1st- US $200
Paolo Dalponte, Italy
Best Foreign Cartoon Award 2nd- US $100

Behzad Ghafari, Canada

Certificates of Merit:

1. Luc Descheemaekar, Belgium

2. Jovan Prokopijevic, Serbia

3. Georgievski Miro, Macedonia

Opinion of the Jury

The Jury of the MKMA met on 1st April 2015 at the Gallery and went through the entries. It was very gratifying to see that the competition is getting entries from all over the world, from countries as far as Serbia, Croatia, Iran, Cyprus, Italy and Macedonia. The quality of the entries was very high, particularly in the International section. The best entries from India are also excellent, original in conception, consummate in craftsmanship.The Jury expressed their appreciation of the work done by Mr. V.G.Narendra, Managing Trustee, IIC in making this an International event.The Jury includes Mr. Girish Karnad, Noted playwright and actor, Mr. S.G.Vasudev well known artist and Mr. B.G.Gujjarappa, senior cartoonist.