Winner “POZYTYWNIE ZAKRĘCENI” (“A little bit crazy on a positive note”) Competition / Poland 2015

“POZYTYWNIE ZAKRĘCENI” (“A little bit crazy on a positive note”) competition is dedicated to people who have a positive influence on others in various disciplines. Winners are constitute a pattern of good, positive attitudes and actions, as we can motivate, support and help others people.
It is awarded for people who carry on activities for the local community and to promote the idea of volunteering. Gala was held on 05.07.2015 in Centre of Culture in Starachowice / Poland. This year, the title of "POZYTYWNIE ZAKRĘCONY" was awarded for the fourth time.
In this time awarded nearly forty such distinctions. Prizes were handed by Dariusz Dąbrowski Prefect of the Starachowice District and Marek Materek President of the Starachowice City, Poland.
In the category of "A as Artist" the award was received to Marcin Bondarowicz a well-known and reputable artist, cartoonist and illustrator from Poland.
Photography by Małgorzata Zatorska
:Have a look at video from this event
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