Winners Of The 18th International Salon of Antiwar Cartoon/Kragujevac 2015

Dear Colleagues Cartoonists and Friends, I am sending you results of 18th International Salon of Antiwar cartoon, Kragujevac2015 and in attachment photo of the jury and awarded cartoons.

 J u r y:


1. METIN PEKER, cartoonist, president (Turkey) 

2. TOSO BORKOVIC, cartoonist, (Serbia) 

3. JUGOSLAV VLAHOVIC, cartoonist (Serbia)

 4. SPIRO RADULOVIC, cartoonist (Serbia) and

 5. MIODRAG STOJILOVIC, journalist (Serbia) 


 D e c i d e d:

 1.  Grand prix "Peace Messenger" and 1500 euros goes to      XIAOQIANG HOU (China) 

 2.  Gold Plaque and 1000 euros goes to      ANDREI POPOV (Russia)

  3.  Silver Plaque an 800 euros goes to      JOVO SKOMAC (Serbia)

  4.  Bronze Plaque and 500 euros goes to      KONSTANTIN KAZANCHEV (Ukraine) 

 5.  Award of city of Bydgoszcz (Poland) and 750 euros goes to      SERGEY SEMENDYAEV (Ukraine)

  6.  AWARD of City of Ingolstat (Germany) and 500 euros goes to      CRISTO KOMARNITSKI (Bulgaria) 

 7.  Award of City of Bielsko-Biala (Poland) and 500 euros goes to      SERGEI BELOZEROV (Russia)

  8.  Award of City Siresnes (France) and 500  euros goes to      MUSA GUMUS (Turkey) 

 9.  Award of City Pitesti (Romania) and 500 euros goes to      VLADIMIR SEMERENKO (Russia)

10. Award of City Carrara (Italy) and 500 euros goes to       SEYRAN CAFERLI (Azerbejdzan) 

  D i p l o m a s:

   1.   BA BILIG (China)  

2.  STEVE JONESY (England)  


  4.  RAED KHALIL (Syria) and 


  Best regards.