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Results Of The "The Four Seasons of Caricature"/Warsaw Caricature Museum 2015

Edition of the year-long contest "The Four Seasons of Caricature. Drawings of the Year 2015 ".

In the next installment of the competition was invariably very popular. 69 authors were received from 226 works.

The final verdict is as follows:


Paul Nawrot, for the work Fri. "Why are tablets" (first prize - "Autumn 2015")



Christopher Grzondziel, for his work untitled (II prize - "Autumn 2015")

Thomas Wiater, for the work Fri. "The Constitutional Court" (II prize - "Autumn 2015")

Bartholomew Belniak for his work untitled (Third prize - "Autumn 2015")
Jaroslaw Kozlowski for his work Fri. "Witnesses" (Third prize - "Autumn 2015")
Monika Jaworowska-Duchlińska for his work untitled (Third prize - "Autumn 2015")Honorable mentions for his work received:- Henry Onions, for his work untitled;
- Richard Druch, for the work Fri. "Roller";
- Arthur Galicki for his work Fri. "Hocus Pocus";
- Czeslaw Ganko, for the work Fri. "Constitutional Court";
- Mark Gliwa, for the work Fri. "Your advertisement";
- Michael Graczyk, for his work untitled;
- Monika Janowska, for the work Fri. "Sorting";
- Arthur forming minerals for the work Fri. "Sex Bomb";
- Zbigniew Piszczako, for his work untitled;
- Radoslaw Ruciński, for the work Fri. "We can do it";
- Waldemar Rukść, for the work Fri. "I can handle";
- Max Skowider, for the work Fri. "Places of Interest";
- Patrick Sroczyński, for the work Fri. "Paris";
- Gregory Stanczyk, for the work Fri. "The pain of the world";
- Magdalena Wosik, for the work Fri. "Dignified";
- Zbigniew Wozniak, for the work Fri. "Europe 2020".And here is the full list of finalists "Four Seasons Caricatures - Autumn 2015":Bartholomew Belniak, Henry Onions, Dariusz Dabrowski, Richard Druch, Michael Fatyga, George Phèdre, Arthur Galicki, Czeslaw Ganko, Mark Gliwa, Michael Graczyk, Krzysztof Grzondziel, Miroslaw Hajnos, Monika Janowska, Monika Jaworowska-Duchlińska, Jaroslaw Kozlowski, Miroslaw Krzyśków, Catherine Kuzior, Halina Kuźnicka, Arthur forming minerals, Mark M. Michalski, Witold Mysyrowicz, Paul Nawrot, Dariusz Pietrzak, Zbigniew Piszczako, Matthew Rafalski, Radoslaw Ruciński Max Skowider, Patrick Sroczyński, Gregory Stanczyk, Waldemar Rukść, Thomas Wiater, Magdalena Wosik, Zbigniew Wozniak.The best works will be presented in 2016 at the exhibition "Four Seasons Caricatures - Drawings of the Year 2015" in our museum.Congratulations!
Elizabeth Laskowska
after. Director of the Museum of Caricature
them. Eryk Lipinski in Warsa

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