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Winners of the call in homage to the master Arles Herrera - Calarca

With great works in the genres of physiognomic Caricature, Cartoon and Humor chart review was performed on Thursday October 16, the exhibition and awarding of the call in Arles tribute to Maestro Herrera - Calarca, conducted by the National School of Caricature. Winner in the category of Caricature physiognomy, Peru's Walter Toscano.
Winner in the category Cartoon Review: Master Helio Flores of Mexico
Winner in the category Graphic Humor: Jairo Pelaez (Colombia)
Two Honorable Mentions to cartoonists Yelka Rozo (Colombia) and Raul Olmos (Puerto Rico) was also delivered We emphasize the participation of important authors such as Amorim (Brazil), Adriana Mosquera - Nani-, Orlando Cuellar, Jorge Restrepo, Leonardo Arias, Omar Zevallos (Peru), Silvano Mello (Brazil), Guille, Marco Pinto, Greyhound and Roque and long disciples of the master list: Jaime Poveda - Bacteria, Raul Grisales - Guaico, Mauricio Parra, John Gomez, Luisa Amanda Martinez, Julian Naranjo, Jorge Luis Mahecha, among others. Thus our institution honors the 80th birthday of one of the foremost exponents of these genres in the country, Calarca Master.




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