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The 24th International Open Cartoon Contest Home office Zielona Góra / Poland, 2022

Provincial and Municipal Public Library Cyprian Norwid in Zielona Góra and the University

of the Third Age in Zielona Góra announce the 24th Open International Satirical Drawing Competition ph.

Remote work. The competition is addressed to adult participants, both amateurs and people who

deal with satirical drawing professionally. The condition for participation in the competition is sending original,

signed drawings in any number together with a signed application form. Any technique for

the execution of works. Application deadline May 31, 2022.

Theme:Home Office

In the competition ph. Remote work includes the following statutory awards:

Grand Prix - PLN 5,000.00 + statuette

1st prize - PLN 4,000.00

2nd prize - PLN 3,000.00

3rd prize - PLN 2,000.00 Additionally,

there are special prizes.

Rules and Regulations

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