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"Laughing" is one of the most significant features of humankind that distinguishes it from other species. In a world where being treated like a saint for being quiet is quite common and saying "... do not laugh like a woman!" Is a swearing, it is tried to make people forget that humour is actually the result of a deep thought. Yet, how much we laugh defines how "human" we are. Our hearts stay warm as we laugh and laughing to ourselves is the best cure for arrogance. That is why laughter and humour are considered to be threatening and get banned by religions and governments throughout history. Humour is an essential medium that points out details, what is unorthodox to nature's course and illustrates bitter reality by covering it with sugar.
Humour, as an expression of critical thought, struggling, resisting and caricature matching up with this is another branch of art that leads us to think about our social roles.
Through the exhibition it is aimed to raise awareness on gender equality, get people discuss on this topic again, have a look at women issue, which is an essential part of political, economic and social life, by viewpoint of humour.
The exhibit which will be held on May 8th-18th 2015 is open for all amateur and professional caricaturists.
We are waiting for your attendance at this international exhibit until 1st of April, which will be carried out in cooperation with Flying Broom and OburHumour.
Participation Conditions
Theme: Gender Equality
Applications will be accepted via email. Participants must send their works with name, surname, address and contact information. The works should be sent to both This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Cartoons must be in A3 size (29,7x 42 cm) and in 300 dpi resolution. All techniques are acceptable. Each artist can participate to exhibition with 5 works at most. If the works have written parts, they will be in English or Turkish.
The works reflecting the theme in the best way will be evaluated by a selection committee constituted of Flying Broom Women Communication and Research Association and Obur Humour Magazine.
Deadline for application to the exhibition is WEDNESDAY APRIL 1, 2015.
Exhibition will be held in Ankara at the Çankaya Municipality Contemporary Arts Center as part of 18th Flying Broom International Women's Film Festival between 8th - 18th of May.
The sent and selected works will be collected in a special magazine, distributed during the exhibition dates and sent to the participants.
The works sent for the exhibit could only be used by Flying Broom during and after festival on printed materials and on the web site for the promotional purposes. In the event that the work is used except for the mentioned purposes, the permission will be received from the artists.
For detailed information: and

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