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Kaplanlar International Cartoon Contest held within the scope of the 40th year activities has been interested more than predicted.
506 cartoon artists from 14 countries have participated with 1400 works to our competition which has won 3 stars from the International Federation of Cartoon (FECO).
On Tuesday, January the 2nd, the preselection has been performed by the jury; Ahmet Aykanat – President of the Anatolian Cartoonists Association, cartoon artists Halil Kurtulmuş and Mehmet Kahraman. Chosen 91 works will be published on Kaplanlar’s Facebook link
/ till 9th January as stated on the specification to carefully evaluate the objections regarding the works
( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)
On Monday, January the 15th, the jury in company with many valuable cartoon artists will select the final cartoons and the winners will be announced on Tuesday the 16th by Turkish and English Press Bulletin.

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