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For the ITALY section wins Virginia Cabras in art Alagon, for the I reported are:
Andrea Romagna, Agostino Longo, Alberto Galgano, Sergio Tessarolo, Marco De Angelis, Stefano Gamboni, Kutoshi Kimimo,

Roberto Mangosi, MIlko Dalla Battista, Luca Ricciarelli, Oscar Sacchi


For the Foreign Section, he wins: Izabela Kowalska Wieczorek from Poland
Reported: Muzzafar Yulchiboev from Uzbekistan,
Jitet Kustana from Indonesia

For the voting section of the public, he wins: Jitet Kusatana from Indonesia

Finally for the Under 18 section he wins: Yana Vasyutina,
and the reported are:

Paola Antonelli, Martina Arrighi,
Giulia Colombo,
Ruslay Lopez Herrera, Mateja Jovic, Anja Kozhuonova, Andela Pesic, Milica Sekuloski, Egor Vidonov

The winning works can be viewed at this link:

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