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Selection Prize"Spring 2015"/Warsaw Museum/Poland


Catherine Kuzior Spółka Jawna ist/ Untitled :1st prize/"spring of 2015"

The final verdict is as follows:Catherine Kuzior, for his work untitled (first prize - "Spring 2015")
Anna Sokolska, for his work untitled (II prize - "Spring 2015")
Paul Stanczyk, for the work Fri. "The elections Head of State" (II prize - "Spring 2015")
Jacek Frąckiewicz, for the work Fri. "Citadel of culture" (Third prize - "Spring 2015")
Janusz Grysiewicz, for the work Fri. "JUMP" (Third prize - "Spring 2015")
Jaroslaw Kozlowski, for the work Fri. "Coming out in the world of intellectuals" (Third prize - "Spring 2015")Honorable mentions for his work received:- Marcin Bondarowicz, for his work untitled;
- Henry Onions, for the work Fri. "Eric - the king of Polish satire";
- Dariusz Dabrowski, for the work Fri. "The elections";
- Jerzy Phèdre, for the work Fri. "Vav Waltz";
- Halina Kuźnicka, for the work Fri. "Long weekend";
- Paul Nawrot, for the work Fri. "Collection";
- Czeslaw Przezak, for the work Fri. "Nutritionist" `
- Radoslaw Ruciński, for the work Fri. "Faux pas";
- John Surma, for the work Fri. "Instruments";
- Thomas Wiater, for the work without the title.Here's the complete list of finalists "Four Seasons Caricatures - Spring 2015":Marcin Bondanowicz, Henry Onions, Anna Damicz-selection input, Dariusz Dabrowski, George Phèdre, Jacek Frąckiewicz, Arthur Galicki, Czeslaw Gańko, Michael Graczyk, Janusz Grysiewicz, Sylvia Grzelakowska, Monika Jaworowska-Duchlińska, Jaroslaw Kozlowski, Catherine Kuzior, Halina Kuźnicka, Witold Mysyrowicz, Paul Nawrot, Zbigniew Piszczako, Czeslaw Przezak, Radoslaw Ruciński, Waldemar Rukść, Szczepan Sadurski, Anna Sokolska, Paul Stańczyk Janusz Stefaniak, John Surma, Maciej Trzepałka, Thomas Wiater.The best works will be presented in 2016 at the exhibition "Four Seasons Caricatures - Drawings of the Year 2015" in our museum.Congratulations!Elizabeth Laskowska
p.o Director of the Museum of Caricature
them. Eryk Lipinski in Warsaw


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