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1.Theme:  UNITY
The country's harmony depends on the state of unity among its people
that comprises of various races, cultures and religions. However, you are free to creatively
interprete its meaning in your cartoon
( Info about  Malaysia please google:malaysian culture and traditions) 
2.Cartoons must match the theme
3. A3 size, 300 DPI, 5 MB, Maximum 5
4.Sent via email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
5.Deadline : 15 July 2022
6.By sending it means that the cartoonist agrees that his work will be used for the  promotion, exhibition and  in various forms
7. PRIZES:  
First place:  RM1,500.00 
Second place: RM1,300.00
Thirt place: RM1,000.00
3 consolations
8. Participants will receive a certificate of appreciation and sent by e-mail  
9. Thank you for your participation.
Balai Kartun Rossem (BKR) in collaboration with the Kelantan  State Government.


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