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6th.Edition International Cartoon Contest"Bacau"/Romania,2023
Rules of the International Cartoon Contest
1. The theme of the contest is George Bacovia's image (17 September - 22 May 1957), a Romanian writer considered to be the most important Romanian symbolist poet. His original style, the distinct tone of his verses, characterized by the so-called Bacovian atmosphere, by an overwhelming desolation, the precise, sharp, sober, sometimes ironic language, placed Bacovia among the Symbolists, being considered one of the most important precursors of Modern Romanian poetry.
2. Categories:
- Caricature / Caricature Portrait - the theme "George Bacovia" ( hand drawings, in Original)
- Digital Caricature / Digital CaricaturePortrait - the theme "George Bacovia" (any type of digital work within the given theme).
3. The number of works which can be submitted is unlimited.
4. The artistic works must be authentic and submitted along with an application form and an autobiography.
5. The dimensions of the works should be:
- A3 or A4 - for the artworks sent by the post office.
- A3 or A4, JPG / TIF, 300 dpi - for the artworks sent via e-mail.
6. Works must be submitted by the 1st of September, 2023.
- Mailing address:
Victor Eugen Mihai – VEM
Strada Trandafirilor nr. 5
Comuna Săucești, Județul Bacău
Cod 607540, România
- E-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
7. The jury, consisting of famous cartoonists, will grant the following awards for the best works:
Caricature / portrait caricature:
- 3 x "PLUMB PRIZE"  - plaquette , diploma
- 10 x Honorable Mentions - diploma, plaquette
Digital caricature / digital caricature portrait:
- 3 x "PLUMB PRIZE" - plaquette , diploma
- 10 x Honorable Mentions - diploma
All participants will receive a participation diploma. An eCatalogue (.pdf format) will be produced and emailed to all the participants.
8. Works submitted to the contest will not be returned. All the cartoons, prizewinners or not, can be used for cultural purposes and for promotional activities related to the salon and no additional fees will be paid to the authors (e.g. cartoons, catalogues, press advertising, online and other means of communication , works such as posters, leaflets, promotional gifts, calendars etc.).
- By submitting their works the participants are indicating that they agree to  the decission of the jury and to the above rules and regulations.
- The Salon of Humor will keep and preserve all the submitted caricatures.
9. The results will be published on
10. For additional questions, please contact Victor Eugen Mihai - VEM, e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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